AI-Powered Omnichannel Contact Center Platform for Seamlessly Unified Experiences

Transform your contact center with Kapture – optimize routing, automate tasks, and provide actionable insights to boost customer satisfaction, increase agent efficiency, and improve bottom-line results.

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Built For Your Enterprise

Give customers an experience that truly exceeds their expectations.

Boost Customer Satisfaction Significantly

Ensure consistent and seamless customer interactions across all your touchpoints, leading to higher customer satisfaction as they experience smoother transitions and faster issue resolution.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention

With the flexibility to engage with you through their favorite channels and maintaining context across interactions, foster stronger relationships, leading to higher retention rates and lifetime value.

Enhance First Contact Resolution

Give agents access to a comprehensive view of customer interactions and history, facilitating quicker issue resolution, which influences customer satisfaction and operational efficiency significantly.

Omnichannel Experience

Consistent, continuous support – anytime, anywhere

  • Complete Omnichannel Experience: Deliver a unified customer experience across all popular channels, including social media, messaging platforms, live chat, SMS, email, and more – ensuring customers receive consistent support wherever they are.
  • Consistent Customer Experience: Leverage a 360-degree customer view for agents to provide uniform and personalized service across every interaction, no matter the channel.
  • Effortless Channel Switching: Enable smooth transitions between channels for customers, with automatic notifications to agents, ensuring continuous and exceptional support at every step.

AI-powered Platform for Agents

Go AI-first and make your support teams unstoppable

  • One Place for Everything: Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms. Kapture brings all your customer interactions into a single, intuitive space. No more lost messages, no more missed opportunities.
  • AI-Powered Assistance: Respond with contextual resolutions instantly and minimize handling times with Agent Assist – AI-powered tools your agents will thank you for.
  • Crystal-Clear Analytics: See the big picture with powerful reports and dashboards. Track trends, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to continuously improve your customer experience.

Smart Automation

Automate the routine while elevating the human touch

Let Kapture’s AI-powered automation handle the heavy lifting, so your agents can focus on what they do best – building meaningful customer relationships.

  • Kapture Bots: Forget generic responses. Kapture Bots are built with AI and NLP for customer service and trained on vertical-specific LLMs to handle complex conversations and deliver hyper-personalized experiences on multiple channels.
  • KAI Co-pilot: This AI-powered assistant leverages advanced ML and NLP to craft personalized responses and suggest the next best action to resolve tickets faster, ensuring every customer feels heard and valued.
  • Smart Routing: No more guesswork. Our AI-driven routing engine automatically assigns tickets based on skillset, availability, and priority.
  • Automated Escalations: Set up automated escalations to ensure high-priority issues get immediate attention, preventing delays and minimizing customer frustration.

Contact Center Features

More features to create a seamless, consistent experience for your customers

Personalized Self-Serve

Empower your customers through dynamic FAQs, AI-powered chatbots, interactive voice response (IVR), and community forums to enable customers to resolve common issues independently.

Bots by Kapture

Built with AI and NLP for customer service and trained on industry-focused LLMs, Kapture’s hybrid bots engage your customers in smarter, more meaningful conversations with no human intervention.


Build a robust knowledge base using diverse formats – online help centers, communities, FAQs, videos, and text.

service cloud


Provides a powerful AI-driven learning platform to onboard new hires and upskill existing agents, ensuring your team is always on top of their game.


Leverage over 1,000 API integrations to connect your existing tools with Kapture, creating a smooth and familiar experience for both agents and customers.

SLA Tracker

Ensure timely issue resolution by classifying tickets by priority and set appropriate resolution times to measure efficiency and meet service level agreements.

Side Conversations

Hold side conversations in the same environment with third parties to resolve customer issues without ever leaving the platform.

Record Feedback

Capture valuable customer feedback at every touchpoint and identify gaps in the experience to address them instantly.

Customizable Dashboards

Give agents a unified view of calls, emails, queries, reports, analytics, and customer data, allowing them to prioritize tasks and deliver faster resolutions.

Performance in Focus

Monitor agent performance through a centralized dashboard to gain insights, incentivize productivity, identify areas for improvement, and provide targeted feedback.

Leverage single sign-on

Allow agents to access several enterprise-grade tools using a single set of credentials via a unified platform.

Security First

Secure Customer Data with robust encryption and access controls. Kapture ensures compliance with industry regulations like ISO and GDPR.

The Kapture Advantage

The Contact Center Platform That Empowers Agents and Customers Alike


Last-Mile Customization

Enjoy a seamless fit. Kapture integrates deeply with your existing infrastructure and customizes to match your unique processes and industry standards.


Fastest Go-Live Ever

Get up and running in record time. Our dedicated implementation managers ensure a smooth and swift transition, so you can start benefiting from Kapture’s AI-powered solutions immediately. 


AI-First Platform

Empower your agents with intelligent AI support. Automate tasks like sorting tickets, generating responses, and routing escalations, freeing agents to focus on complex issues and personalized interactions.


Multilingual Capabilities

Break down language barriers. Kapture’s integrated multilingual chat and translation capabilities allow you to serve your global customer base effectively.


Effortless Scalability

Grow with confidence. Kapture scales effortlessly alongside your business. Easily add agents, handle increased call volume, and respond to surges in inquiries during peak periods.


Connect Seamlessly to the Tools Your Teams Use Daily

Data is useless when it’s hard to access. Kapture integrates with the tools your teams use daily providing quick and easy access to customer insights. Unified visibility = better CX. Experience the power of 1000+ out-of-the-box Enterprise API integrations to centralize your support operations.

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