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Modernize BFSI Support Experiences

Bridge the gap between customers’ expectations and their experience by transforming your support with an enterprise-focused, AI-powered BFSI support automation solution.

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Reduce Average Handling Time by Up to 25%

Deliver contextual and intelligent support with ML and NLP to reduce AHT by up to 25% and boost customer satisfaction.

Perfectly Customized For You

Make Customer Support Your High-Worth Asset

Offer omnichannel support

Consolidate queries from email, text, chat, social media, phone calls and your website to streamline resolutions and maintain a holistic customer view.

Automate customer support

Deliver speed at scale by augmenting agents with ML and NLP to trigger actions for repetitive queries, automate escalations and generate responses.

Personalize self-service

Personalize FAQs as per the customer and query context using AI. Help customers solve their concerns quickly and independently.

Get last-mile customizations

Tweak an already tailored-for-BFSI enterprise support automation solution to perfectly fit your support requirements and processes.

Secure confidential data

Protect sensitive financial data with multi-level agent access, conditional access protocols, and RBAC, MFA, DLP, and EKM security protocols.

Comply with confidence

Easily prove compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO and other regulatory requirements with Kapture for BFSI enterprises.

Really know your customers

Generate a 360-degree customer view to personalize and contextualize each interaction and identify opportunities to increase CLV.

customer service in banking

Stay available & multilingual

Cater to a global customer base 24×7 with ML/NLP-based chatbots, multilingual automated conversations and FAQs-based self-service options.

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Smart Support

Support Automation for BFSI Verticals


Relay banking notifications, recommend loans, solve customer queries, settle transaction disputes, and handle member accounts from a single support interface.

Financial services

Leverage conversational chatbots and personalized FAQs to expedite resolutions. Offer contextual and intelligent support to advise on loans and investment opportunities and build trust.


Handle policyholder support processes from policy selection to resolving issues related to claims, and sending renewal reminders, with an AI-powered support platform for insurance enterprises.

Elevate The Banking Experience

From Dreadful to Delightful Banking Support

Banking customers procrastinate dialing support when they foresee a clunky experience. Replace their dread with delight using Kapture’s support automation platform.

Smash data silos

Bring data under one ambit to derive business-critical insights. Spot gaps in customer experience, reward high performers, and grow your organization.

Integrate touchpoints

Have customers access your support team via email, text, website, chat, social media, phone calls, or a combination of channels while you maintain query context.

Enable intelligent context

Build context for customer queries by making customer data available and accessible inside a 360-degree customer view for agents.

Diversify self-service

Lend diverse self-service options, such as conversational chatbot, menu-based chatbot, and personalized FAQs section, using AI, ML, and NLP.

Run powerful analytics

Track vital metrics to gain real-time insights into customer satisfaction, agent performance, and customer support KPIs.

Generate reports

Use 1,000+ reporting templates to generate reports quickly and easily. Make a case for an investment, show growth, or prove ROI seamlessly.

Assist support teams

Empower agents with the right information and tools. Make data accessible, generate automated responses and summarize queries for rapid resolution.

Integrate across the stack

Make Kapture a part of your tech stack with 1,000+ API integrations that seamlessly connect it across your enterprise.

Accolades in Customer experience software category

High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture’s customer experience platform has been rated as a high performer on G2 and one of the most loved CX platforms on Gartner Peer Insights based on customer reviews.

Smart AI & Automation

Do more with less using AI, ML, NLP

  • Route customer queries based on skill mapping and load balancing to expedite support
  • Improve agent efficiency with enterprise-grade OpenAI response recommendations and query summarization
  • Offer diverse chat options: menu-based, conversational, and FAQs 
  • Gather feedback at every step to make customer-led innovation a reality
  • Reduce agent dependency by automating complex escalations or trivial resolutions
Do more with less using AI, ML, NLP

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prompt and efficient customer support is the baseline of service quality in BFSI. Since customers trust you with their finances, they expect an elevated experience. For instance, customers today expect to be able to reach you on any channel of choice (omnichannel support), they don’t like to repeat themselves (intelligent and contextual support operations), and they like swift resolutions (support automation).

Kapture allows you to be available 24×7 and multilingual so you can serve a global audience around the clock. Kapture’s application of AI, ML, and NLP means your agents deliver efficient resolutions and customers get swift responses. Kapture is omnichannel and offers self-service options, such as menu-based bots, conversational chatbots and personalized FAQs so customers can resolve their queries independently. Kapture monitors and analyzes the end-to-end support journey for incredible insights that can be put into succinct reports used for decision-making.

Without intelligent and contextual support automation, your agents start from scratch when a customer request comes in. They need to know the service level of the customer, their previous purchases, their current issue, opportunities for cross-sell and upsell, etc. All of this information builds the context for support. In its absence, customers find themselves repeating information and getting frustrated. Intelligent support points to the use of AI and ML automation to handle trivial queries and assist agents in responding to complex escalations.

BFSI companies face high customer acquisition costs and struggle to retain customers when the support process is clunky or broken. Kapture comes in with automation to make the support journey personalized, automated and efficient. This means customers stick to your financial organization for your superior service. Kapture enables omnichannel, multilingual, and centralized support so that companies can reduce TAT by 40 minutes, improve CSAT by up to 30%, and boost customer retention rate by 37% within 12-24 months of execution.

Kapture’s cost of implementation depends on the scale and complexity of your support organization. Our implementation managers conduct a thorough analysis to learn about your support needs before giving you an estimated budget. Our BFSI customers see ROI from their support automation platform soon.

Kapture offers the fastest go-live in the industry even as we ensure last-mile customizations. Kapture implementation timelines depend on the scale and complexity of your support organization. Our implementation managers assess your requirements before sending you an estimated timeline.

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