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Let your customers’ voice lead the way

Amplify customer satisfaction with Kapture Insights – the all-in-one listening engine for predictive intelligence, analytics, and outcome-driven actions.

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Listen Actively

Engage with customers on their turf

Capture in-the-moment feedback across multiple channels such as email, SMS, and mobile apps, and at every stage of the customer’s journey. Leverage 1000+ pre-built integrations to link numerous data sources, consolidating insights into a unified platform.

Decode Insights

Uncover, analyze, and share data-driven insights

Leverage AI and ML to identify trends, analyze sentiment, and understand key drivers from customer feedback. Transform data into actionable insights, empowering your team to drive impactful business outcomes effortlessly.

Take Necessary Actions

Act on feedback while it remains pertinent

Go beyond measuring and monitoring to act swiftly on critical feedback, creating ‘wow’ moments. Automatically trigger recommendations to the right teams to take necessary actions and improve customer satisfaction.

Kapture Insights Features

From One-Time to Continuous Customer Feedback

Pre-built templates

Choose from a library of ready-to-use, persona-based templates for optimal engagement. Craft, tailor, and deploy surveys that prompt genuine responses.

Powerful scoring model

Elevate customer satisfaction and NPS by analyzing feedback, identifying risks, and prioritizing actions with our powerful scoring model.

Predictive Analytics

Employ Predictive Analytics to perform sentiment analysis, decipher customer intent, and proactively address concerns, fostering improved engagement and satisfaction.

Real-time dashboards

Derive meaningful customer insights from survey responses with real-time dashboards, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions and improvements.

Vertical-focused Approach

Powered by Kapture CX

The only AI-Powered CX platform built for enterprises

Deliver hyper-personalized CX

Use AI & ML to decode customer intent and preferences, seamlessly unifying data across touchpoints for enabling hyper-personalized customer experiences.

Capitalize on vertical expertise

With deep domain expertise in Retail, Consumer Durables, BFSI, and Travel sectors, our solutions are tailored to your requirements with dedicated implementation support.

Scale with confidence

Seamlessly scale your operations with confidence, fortified by enterprise-grade security and compliance measures for robust, worry-free automation.

G2 Accolades

High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture has been rated as a high performer and one of the most loved CX platforms on G2 based on customer reviews.

Customer Testimonials

Hear it from Our Customers

Insights from satisfied customers sharing their experiences with our product and services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Kapture integrates with multiple tools and platforms to capture feedback across diverse customer interactions, using a versatile set of channels including email surveys, in-app feedback forms, and social media.

We prioritize data security. Our platform adheres to industry standards, encrypts sensitive information, and employs robust access controls to safeguard customer data.

Absolutely. Our advanced analytics process feedback in real-time, providing instant insights into customer sentiment and enabling quick response to emerging issues or opportunities.

The scoring system assesses feedback against predefined criteria, prioritizing issues and opportunities. It ensures that your team focuses on addressing the most impactful aspects of customer experience.

A: Yes, the platform employs intelligent automation to not only analyze feedback but also generate actionable recommendations. This streamlines decision-making and facilitates effective responses to enhance customer satisfaction.

The platform is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor surveys, analytics models, and automation workflows to align with your specific business requirements and industry nuances.

Absolutely, we prioritize seamless integration. Our platform easily integrates with popular CRM systems, marketing tools, and customer support platforms, ensuring a cohesive approach to customer experience management.

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