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Meet customer expectations, automate routine tasks, offer omnichannel support and fulfill your environmental commitments with a support automation solution tailored for your energy customer service venture.

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Boost CSAT Score by 30%

Use AI-powered, Energy industry-focused omnichannel support automation platform to boost customer satisfaction.

True Efficiency with Kapture

Optimize Your Time and Energy Utilization

It’s ironic. Your energy customer service shouldn’t be leaking resources. Use Kapture to:

Offer omnichannel support

Be where your customers are. Integrate channels such as website, mobile app, social media, text messaging, and email for optimized support.

Know your customers

Callers expect agents to know they are a customer and their product and service history when they reach customer support.

Personalize self-service

Allow customers to manage their accounts, view & pay bills, analyze usage and access personalized FAQs to address simple questions.

Automate escalations

Automatically escalate issues using AI, based on customer priority, agent performance and query type.

Contextualize customer queries

Offer contextual and intelligent support by harnessing customer data for swift resolutions and using ML and NLP for efficient care delivery.

Assist customer care reps

Give agents a 360-degree customer view, a complete and personalized knowledge base and OpenAI response recommendations.

Manage onsite visits

Schedule onsite visits as per SLAs when required. Optimize onsite visits to avoid additional costs. Assign visits as per agent and location.

Integrate across the stack

Make Kapture support automation a part of your existing tech stack with 1,000+ API integrations that accelerate implementation.

energy customer service

Stay secure and compliant

Use data privacy techniques such as RBAC, MFA, DLP, and EKM to achieve compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO and other regulatory requirements.

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Streamline Customer Service

From Chaos to Convenience

Energy and utility companies face customer anxieties as they impact customers’ quality of life. Serve customers better with Kapture support automation.

Deviate calls with AI

Allow IVR and AI-based automation to respond to repetitive queries and free up customer representatives for more complex queries.

Offer proactive solutions

Shift from reactive to proactive support using data analytics to foresee issues, like notifying customers when consumption exceeds the ordinary limits.

Unify data

Gather data in a central location to glean insights for decision making. Learn what customers respond well to and make data-based decisions.

Automate repetitive tasks

Use artificial intelligence to automate resolutions and escalations for known and repetitive customer service tasks.

Stay globally available

Offer multilingual customer support to personalize service for each geography. Use AI-based chatbots to stay available 24×7.

Diversify self-service

Lend diverse self-service options such as personalized FAQs, conversational bots and menu-based chatbots to serve customers.

Optimize metrics

Improve customer support metrics (AHT, FCR, CSAT, NPS) as you implement support automation that helps agents, customers and your business.

Run analytics

Use collected data to find key insights about your services, products, customers and agents.

Generate key reports

Use 1,000+ reporting templates to visualize and crunch data into trends. Prove ROI, spot gaps, show growth and find patterns.

Gather feedback

Solicit customer feedback at every step of the energy customer service journey to make customer-led innovation a reality.

G2 Accolades

High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture has been rated as a high performer and one of the most loved CX platforms on G2 based on customer reviews.

Smart AI & Automation

Do more with less using AI, ML, NLP

  • Route customer tickets based on agent skill mapping and load balancing to expedite support
  • Improve agent efficiency with enterprise-grade OpenAI response recommendations and query summarization
  • Offer diverse chat options: menu-based chatbots, conversational bots, and dynamic FAQs 
  • Gather feedback at every step of the customer support lifecycle to make customer-led innovation a reality
  • Reduce agent dependency by automating complex escalations or trivial resolutions
Do more with less using AI, ML, NLP

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Frequently Asked Questions

Energy customer service faces stringent regulatory requirements, struggle to offer customer care through new-age digital channels, face rising customer expectations and find themselves unable to stay on top of a deluge of tickets and tasks. Kapture support automation tailored for Energy & Utilities addresses each of these concerns using security protocols for compliance, omnichannel support, and automation for quick and efficient customer care.

The digitization of support for modern energy enterprises has led to new features, such as the use of OpenAI to generate response recommendations for agents which they can edit before sending to customers. AI/ML/NLP use cases across customer support journeys maintain high efficiency with low human resource utilization through dynamic self-service. AI and ML help personalize the support experience by maintaining context and offering intelligent support. Finally, support automation tools such as Kapture allow energy and utility enterprises to offer omnichannel support by integrating various customer touchpoints.

Consider that a customer calls support to complain that their bill is too high. Without contextual and intelligent support, the customer gets generic advice about checking their usage analysis and bringing down their bill in the next cycle or is recommended your most popular plan. Neither of these solutions works for them. The customer hangs up in frustration. With contextual and intelligent service, your agent gets insights about the customer’s current situation, recommends personalized solutions or offers an extended payment plan if they are a priority customer. Contextual and intelligent service boosts customer satisfaction.

Kapture personalizes self-service, which means every customer sees a different set of FAQs based on their profile, history and other data. Kapture offers conversational chatbots and menu-based bots to reduce ticket volume by answering questions with AI. Kapture also automates responses to repetitive queries or the handling of simple tasks. It consolidates customer information to provide context to agents so they can swiftly resolve queries. Finally, Kapture enables omnichannel support so that customers can reach support from their channel of choice while agents see a unified view of each customer.

Kapture’s implementation cost takes into account the complexity and scale of your support organization. We also offer last-mile customizations so that Kapture readily fits your support requirements. So, our implementation managers undertake an analysis of your support needs before giving you a cost estimate. Kapture customers realize ROI from their investment quickly as Kapture shortens time to value.

Kapture offers the fastest go-live in the industry. We offer last-mile customizations on top of an already tailored-for-energy customer service platform. Our dedicated implementation managers assess the complexity, scale and needs of your support organization before suggesting a timeline estimate.

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