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Pass the ultimate customer experience litmus test with vertical-focused AI-led service automation.

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Short-lived Customer Service with Long-term Impact

Resolve support requests quickly for customer retention, repeat revenue and customer loyalty.

Success Metrics

Significantly Improve Metrics that Count

Count on Kapture Service Cloud to cut costs, improve ROI and deliver the support experience you’ve always wanted to.


End to End Personalization

Hyper-personalized, Intuitive, and Contextual Service

Powerful self-service

Allow customers to manage requests and fulfill tasks with dynamic and personalized FAQs, menu-based chatbots or conversational bots.

Omnichannel CX

Use 1,000+ API integrations to connect customer touchpoints and offer a frictionless support experience.

Personalized outcomes

Factor in customer data, purchase history, nature of ticket and agent information to automatically trigger diverse support actions.

service cloud

Contextual & intelligent service

Don’t just gather data; use it to make informed decisions in your support organization with contextual and intelligent service delivery.

ML & NLP use cases

Employ ML and NLP throughout the support lifecycle to accelerate support, personalize the experience and assist agents.

In-depth analytics

Generate complex and comprehensive reports with 1,000+ formats quickly to gain foresight into support metrics and strategize with data-backed insights.

Data privacy

Scale confidently as Kapture ensures enterprise-grade security and compliance with ISO, GDPR, HIPAA, AICPA SOC and more.

Unified & multilingual engagement

Consolidate fragments of your global support organization for faster turnarounds, efficient agents, and smooth customer experiences.

Fastest go-live

Benefit from a bespoke support solution made to fit your support needs and business processes in a swift timeline.

One Stop for 100% Customer Satisfaction

Attain Higher Customer Service Standards Easily

Kapture integrates your contact center, service center and field force operations to operate as a one-stop customer engagement solution with automation.

Contact center

Serve customers on their channel of choice (email, web, app, chat, social media) while enabling agents to centralize communication.

Service center

Handle the entire service lifecycle: create/assign tickets, execute requests, notify customers, resolve tickets, and gather feedback.

Field force

Empower on-field agents with a powerful mobile application that manages inventory, expenses, spare parts, tickets and appointments, online and offline.


Customize learning to suit diverse needs. Roll out upskilling opportunities with text lessons, assessments, quizzes, presentations and videos.


Empower on-field agents with a powerful mobile application that manages inventory, expenses, spare parts, tickets and appointments, online and offline.


Activate dynamic and intuitive self-service options for customers to resolve simple queries with AI and NLP-powered chatbots and FAQs.

Live chat

Configure live chat options across chat platforms (WhatsApp, Messenger or your own mobile app) to assist customers in real time.

Helpdesk management

Categorize, assign, process, resolve and archive tickets quickly through a single-window interface with omnichannel helpdesk management.

Ticket management

Automate ticket assignment, prioritization, tracking and resolution based on CLTV and the nature of tickets across website, social media, email and calls.

Internal ticketing

Auto-assign internal tickets to the right department, prioritize overdue requests automatically and trigger escalations to bring down TAT.

Accolades in Customer experience software category

High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture’s customer experience platform has been rated as a high performer on G2 and one of the most loved CX platforms on Gartner Peer Insights based on customer reviews.

AI Capabilities

Leverage AI for Support Transformation

Instant gratification is possible with AI-powered Kapture Service Cloud 


Lower operational costs

by augmenting human resources with AI to handle repetitive tasks and queries.


Scale with ease

when you experience the seasonal deluge of tickets and queries with AI-powered automation.


Personalize each interaction

with AI to bring different outcomes for each customer based on the underlying data.


Stay available 24×7 globally

globally using multilingual AI-powered chatbots to augment your service workforce.


Deliver consistent CX

by merging sophisticated human problem-solving skills with the predictability of AI.


Assist agents with GenAI

to summarize lengthy queries, generate automatic responses and boost efficiency.


Empower personalized self-service

with NLP and AI through multiple chatbot options, including conversational, menu-driven, and FAQ-based interactions.


Facilitate hybrid conversations

with assisted chatbots that blend human-like responsiveness and automation to deliver accuracy at speed.


Predict and process issues

before they snowball into major problems using AI analytics and pattern recognition.


Generate deeper analytics

to unearth gaps in the backend service organization and address them quickly.

Case Study

Tata1mg elevates Customer Support exponentially with Kapture

Learn how Tata 1mg elevated customer support to new heights with Kapture CX and enhanced the FCR rates for customers.

Integrated Customer Experiences

Roll out a Consistent Support Experience

Make support a natural and equal extension of your brand with Kapture Service Cloud.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have customized Kapture Service Cloud to meet the support needs of large enterprises in retail, e-commerce, consumer durables, travel, BFSI and energy. Large organizations in these industries can leverage a vertical-focused support automation platform to meet and exceed their customers’ support expectations.

Kapture uses modern technologies such as AI, ML and NLP across the support lifecycle in several ways. Conversational chatbots help customers solve queries on their own. Dynamic FAQs make self-service contextual and intelligent. Support agents can use OpenAI to summarize queries and generate editable responses. Using AI/ML/NLP, Kapture Service Cloud optimizes critical metrics, cuts costs and helps achieve higher service standards.

We provide last-mile customizations to Kapture Service Cloud implementations based on your industry and specific business requirements. So, the cost of implementing Kapture Service Cloud varies. Our implementation managers will analyze your support needs before providing you with an estimated budget. All our customers see a healthy ROI from executing support automation with Kapture.

Kapture Service Cloud boasts the fastest go-live in the industry, as our vertical-focused solutions already suit most of your industry-specific needs. Timelines depend on how complex your support organization is and how much customization you’d appreciate in your support platform. Our implementation managers dedicatedly work with you to foresee the nature and complexity of Kapture implementation in your organization before providing an estimated execution timeline.

Kapture contextualizes support and service by leveraging customer data. This means each customer receives personalized and focused attention while your support staff works less every passing day as AI gains more insight and knowledge of your support needs. This way, Kapture Service Cloud places customers front and center while minimizing staff dependency and augmenting support with AI.

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