Ticket Management System

Enhance your support function with AI-driven, enterprise-grade ticket management system. Relieve your employees from repetitive tasks and boost customer satisfaction.

ticket management system

1000+ Enterprises Trust Kapture

Effortless Ticket Management

Deliver Quick Customer Support

Use a ticketing system that dissolves your responsibility to manage tickets. Kapture Ticket Management Systems hide a lot of chaos and streamlines your end of the interface.

ticket handling system
ticket management system

Streamline Processes with AI

Boost Agent Productivity by 30%

Empower customers with AI-powered self-serve. Provide agents with an AI assistant. Streamline ticket assignment and resolution for higher agent productivity.

Ticketing Made Smart and Simple

Replace Ticketing Chaos with Ticketing Calm

Load-balance during periods of high ticket volume and switch on contextual, intelligent ticket resolutions with AI.

Roll out omnichannel

Collect tickets from social media, website, email, calls, and mobile app all in one place. Stay omnichannel for customers while reducing chaos for employees.

Automate ticket management

Create, assign, route, escalate, prioritize and resolve tickets with automation using AI/ML-powered ticket management systems. Reduce agent workloads and serve customers in the best possible way.

Add context to tickets

Use AI to enrich tickets with information about customer’s information, past purchases, past tickets raised, and customer priority. Deliver intelligent and contextual responses.

Use an AI assistant

Get auto-suggestions to respond to customers, summarize customer queries, and intelligently resolve tickets with an assistant chatbot.

Streamline internal communication

Add sub-tasks to tickets for staff in various departments and streamline communication for accountability and clarity.

Configure your interface

Use a no-code configuration panel to set up interfaces for customers, partners, employees, etc. Design your conversational interface and ticket dashboard.

Set up automated workflows

Use NLP and API integration capabilities to set up workflows for automation. Configure triggers and action steps to tackle repetitive tasks.

Get customer 360 view

See past tickets, purchase information, and other relevant support data to easily resolve tickets. Discover trends and patterns in customer complaints.

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Case Study

14% Higher CSAT & 40 Minutes Lower TAT for Treebo Hotels

Kapture Ticket Management System helped the hotel chain’s agents, partners and other hoteliers manage 12,000 tickets/month from a single platform.

Drive Growth, Reduce Tickets with AI

Switch to a Powerful AI-driven Ticketing Experience

Remove friction from your ticketing workflows and introduce automation for a smooth customer and employee experience.

Use a built-in BI platform - Ticket management system

Use a built-in BI platform

Use drag and drop to create a dashboard and see all your ticketing data at a glance. Assess agent performance, customer satisfaction, and internal operational metrics.


Offer powerful self-serve

Reduce ticket volume by offering diverse self-serve options, such as personalized FAQs, menu-based bots, and conversational chatbots.

ticket management

Last-mile customizations

Have your contact center management solution deeply integrated with your infrastructure and customized to suit your processes and industry.

Integrate across the board - Ticket management system

Integrate across the board

Use 1,000+ API integrations to add Kapture Ticket Management software to your existing tech stack.

Stay available and multilingual - Ticket management system

Stay available and multilingual

Use 24×7 AI-based chatbots and multilingual capabilities and translations to serve a global customer base.

Artificial intelligence

Leverage AI

Automate ticket assignment by agent skill, priority, location, or load balancing factors. Prioritize tickets based on keywords in the query.

Ensure security and compliance - Helpdesk management system

Ensure security & compliance

Mask sensitive PHI/PPI data and roll out security features such as MFA, DLP, EKM, and RBAC. Comply confidently with ISO, GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

Ticket Management Systems

Run analytics and report insights

Assess support metrics with in-depth analytics and use 1,000+ reporting templates to easily report growth and gaps in customer experience.

Accolades in Customer experience software category

High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture’s customer experience platform has been rated as a high performer on G2 and one of the most loved CX platforms on Gartner Peer Insights based on customer reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated May 2023

A ticket management system allows customers to raise support tickets and have them resolved in a timely manner by support agents. Such a system helps your support agents by assisting them in resolving repetitive tickets quickly with AI/ML and uses OpenAI to suggest responses to queries that agents can then edit. In totality, a ticket management system makes customer support more efficient and streamlined.

The benefits of using a ticket management system go far and wide. Enterprises today absolutely must ensure the highest standard of customer service to stay relevant and competitive. With customer loyalty dwindling and customers having higher expectations from companies, a ticket management system becomes a cornerstone of exceptional customer support. In more quantitative terms, a ticketing system can improve your internal KPIs such as NPS, CLV, TAT, AHT, etc. And, it can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

The Kapture Ticket Management system is best suited for enterprises. We believe that enterprises need better customizations and features that appeal to their scope and scalability needs. This is why we offer Kapture Ticket Management with last-mile customizations so that our solution perfectly fits your business.

Kapture Ticket Management system comes with last-mile customizations for all our customers. Therefore, the cost of implementation depends on the scope and needs of your support organization. Our dedicated implementation managers analyze your support organization and requirements before providing you with a cost estimate. That said, Kapture readily becomes a part of your existing tech stack and delivers quick and high ROI.

Kapture humbly boasts of the fastest go-live in the industry, even as we provide last-mile customizations to our customers. This is made possible by our dedicated implementation managers, who make the execution process hiccup-free for you. We assess your requirements in depth before providing you with an execution timeline.