Help Desk Management System

Resolve customer queries with an AI-powered, enterprise-level help desk management system that has everything you need to deliver exceptional customer service. Advanced ticketing, intelligent automations, effortless self-serve options, and more!

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Advanced Ticketing

Simplify support and resolve tickets faster

Transform your customer experience with Kapture’s Ticketing System. Managing, identifying, and resolving customer queries and concerns inquiries has never been easier.

  • Effortlessly capture and allocate customer queries and concerns into structured tickets, directing them to the right support agents. 
    Streamline the process of managing customer tickets raised from their preferred platforms.
  • Get a comprehensive view of your customer service landscape through our unified dashboard ensuring that every ticket is tracked, monitored, and addressed efficiently.
  • Automatically identify and categorize the issue, source, and priority of each ticket, enabling faster, more targeted resolutions for your customers.


Help customers help themselves

Enable your customers to find quick, accurate solutions anytime, anywhere, without the need for direct agent interaction with Kapture’s Self Serve. 

  • Utilize Kapture’s Hybrid Bots, combining Conversational, Knowledge Base, and Flow-based Chatbots, to empower customers to effortlessly navigate through common queries and find resolutions without waiting around for an agent. 
  • With Kapture, offer your customers 24×7 assistance through our self-serve platform, ensuring they have access to help whenever they need it.
  • Stay ahead with Kapture’s GenAI-powered Knowledge Base, designed to keep your support resources constantly updated, relevant, and customized for both your customers and support agents

Smart Features

Hassle-free Help Desk with Intuitive Capabilities

Kapture comes with features that can move your customer support beyond the ordinary. Collaborate with ease, utilize a dynamic knowledge base, and leverage AI for quick resolutions while automating back-breaking, repetitive tasks.

Go omnichannel

Consolidate tickets from email, phone calls, website, chat, social media, and mobile app into a single purview for efficient ticket management.

Automate ticket management & keep tabs

Automatically create, assign, prioritize, and route tickets based on criteria like agent expertise, query type, and inquiry source. Advance your oversight by monitoring the progress and resolution status of active tickets.

Enable smooth ticket handoffs

Relay tickets to the right agent quickly and enable automation for escalations. Configure support groups and hierarchies to resolve tickets faster.

Use enterprise-grade OpenAI

Leverage enterprise-grade OpenAI to generate responses to frequently asked questions, which your support agents can customize and send.

Create workflows

Effortlessly handle large incoming ticket volume. Build intelligent workflows through a simple interface to serve your customers better.

Offer personalized self-service

Allow customers to opt for self-serve options such as personalized FAQs, menu-based chatbots, and conversational bots. Empower customers and free up agents.

Build an evolving knowledge base

Employ Generative AI to continuously enhance and optimize your knowledge base, ensuring that it remains relevant and valuable for both customers and support agents.

Hold side conversations

Initiate third-party conversations with partners and vendors from the same screen to quickly resolve tickets. Record side conversations in the same ticket.

Provide real-time conversational support

Enable your agents to engage customers in real time, delivering personalized support that makes every interaction count. With a flexible chat window, effortlessly start conversations or stay available so your customers always have the support they need.

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Case Study

FCR 70% More & AHT 50% Low for

Kapture Help Desk makes truly omnichannel. Kapture customizes workflows and fortifies data protection.

The Kapture Advantage

Transform your customer support with Kapture

Do a modern take on help desk management. Use AI/ML, in-depth analytics and an omnichannel presence to boost customer satisfaction.


Get last-mile customizations

Let your help desk management software perfectly fit your requirements instead of tweaking your processes for a rigid software.

Track KPI - Helpdesk management system

Track KPIs

Easily measure essential contact center metrics such as agent productivity, NPS, CSAT, AHT, FCR, and more, with Kapture Help Desk software.

Offer multilingual support - Helpdesk management system

Offer contextual, multilingual support

Enrich customer queries with contextual data using AI. Offer multilingual support to global customers.

Integrate seamlessly - Helpdesk management system

Integrate for ease

Seamlessly integrate Kapture Help Desk across your tech stack using 1,000+ API integrations and start deriving value sooner.

Enable single sign-on - Helpdesk management system

Enable single sign-on

Allow internal users to access various enterprise solutions using a single set of credentials for ease and productivity.

Ensure security and compliance - Helpdesk management system

Ensure security and compliance

Secure sensitive customer information with PHI/PPI masking, MFA, RBAC, EKM, and DLP. Comply with ISO, GDPR, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.


Generate reports

Use 1,000+ templates to readily generate reports from help desk data – prove growth and ROI or discover gaps for data-led decision-making.


High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture has been rated as a high performer on G2 and one of the most loved CX platforms on Gartner Peer Insights based on customer reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise departments that deal with customer inquiries and complaints, such as contact centers, service centers, and field service representatives, use a help desk management system to streamline tickets, provide contextual and intelligent support, and measure support efficiency. A help desk management system minimizes friction in the end-to-end customer experience in resolving a particular concern and boosts agent productivity.

Help desk management software contains automation tools to help you create, assign, track, resolve, and manage tickets and support requests in an easy way. Companies use a help desk management system to automate repetitive tasks and save time and cost. A help desk system can offer you:

  • Better insights into your support operations
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Transparency and accountability in customer service
  • Better team coordination

  • Omnichannel – Your help desk system must gather tickets from emails, your website and mobile app, social media, chatbot, etc and streamline tickets into a single interface to help support agents resolve them easily.
  • Collaboration – The help desk should enable internal collaboration between departments and teams to resolve customer queries efficiently.
  • AI/ML – A modern help desk solution uses AI/ML to automate parts of customer support, such as ticket creation and assignment, escalations, customer notifications, etc.
  • Analytics and reporting – A modern help desk solution should allow you to run in-depth analytics to discover patterns and trends in customer tickets, employee performance, and overall operational efficiency. It must also support easy reporting through templates.
  • Flexibility and customization – Enterprises need help desk software that fits into their processes and requirements. Therefore, your help desk solution must come with last-mile customizations.

Kapture offers last-mile customizations to your help desk solution. Our dedicated implementation managers look at the scope of your support organization and assess your needs before delivering a cost estimate to you. That said, our customers derive a high ROI in no time with the help desk solution by benefitting from modern features such as enterprise-grade OpenAI, automation, analytics, and omnichannel presence.

Kapture offers the fastest go-live in the industry even as we cover last-mile customizations for our customers. This is made possible by our dedicated implementation managers who make sure that the execution process is hiccup-free. We scope out your requirements and then provide a timeline of execution.

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