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1000+ custom-built, vertical-focused integrations for enterprises with dedicated customer support and fastest go-live in the industry.

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Custom Integrations

Custom integrations for you

Need a specific integration for your support team? No worries. Our integrations specialists can build custom integrations to ensure Kapture works perfectly with your product, technology stack, and other tools – enabling seamless connectivity and enhancing your customer support capabilities.

Automate and streamline your processes with precision-designed integrations that bring your entire ecosystem together.

Industry-specific Integrations

Verticalized Integrations

Every industry has unique needs. With Kapture, meet the specific demands of your sector with verticalized integrations.

Whether you’re in Retail, Ecommerce, Consumer Durables, Travel, BFSI, or any other industry, our integrations enhance your existing systems, streamline processes, and improve support delivery.

Implementation and Support

Fastest implementation and dedicated support

Our integration team works closely with you to ensure a swift and smooth integration process, minimizing downtime and accelerating your time to value. All the way to full deployment, get continuous support and guidance, ensuring that Kapture seamlessly fits into your operational workflow.

Experience the fastest implementation in the industry and get the support you need, when you need it, with Kapture.


Effortless integrations with your favorite apps

CRM Integrations

Integrate leading CRMs with Kapture to streamline workflows and enhance customer and agent experiences.


Unify data, streamline ticket management, automate workflows, and more to improve customer experiences.


Optimize customer support automation with seamless collaboration, automated processes, and more.


Enable your customer support agents to access Zoho CRM information directly within each ticket.


Enable your agents to contextually respond & resolve customer queries without your sales team’s help – all within Kapture.


Escalate and link support tickets to JIRA, ensuring support and engineering teams are always in sync.


Give your support teams a holistic view of customers with a dynamic integration

Call Integrations

Go beyond automation. Enhance customer satisfaction by offering personalized and accessible support through calls.


Effortlessly automate ticket updates and personalized messages.


Manage your calls and SMS messages directly within Kapture support tickets.


Boost customer experience and increase agent productivity.


Optimize and automate your contact center operations easily.


Simplifies managing calls, tracking conversations, and logging tickets.


Click2Call and inbound calling features, along with auto pop-ups with ticket and call details.

Tata Tele services

Access customer information, like account details and past interactions, to provide personalized support.


Engage with customers via voice channels and create actionable items for contact center efficiency.


Streamline support with features like call ticket creation, click2call, and seamless user authentication.

WhatsApp Integrations

Give your customers accessibility on the go. Real-time support for quick and efficient issue resolution.


Directly view and respond to WhatsApp queries within the Kapture.


Expand the reach of your customer service efforts and provide them support on a channel they prefer.


Effortlessly automate ticket updates and personalized messages.


Offer efficient, personalized support for customers on WhatsApp.


Provide an exceptional customer experience driven by automation.


Create tickets within Kapture when WhatsApp bots pick up on customer queries or issues.

Social Media Integrations

Modernize customer support and foster stronger relationships with your customers. Expand your support to where your customers are.


Get Facebook page comments and reviews directly as tickets in Kapture.


Enable your agents to extend support via Instagram Direct Messages, Comments, and more.


Provide customer support directly through WhatsApp for real-time assistance.


Let your agents provide exceptional customer support through LinkedIn.


Proactively support customers right when they are talking about you on X.


Auto-fetch comments and create support tickets on Kapture out of it.


Provide 24×7 assistance to your customers and retailers on Line and raise tickets in Kapture easily. 

Play Store

Sync Google Play Store reviews with your Kapture Service Cloud system.

App Store

Bring in App Store reviews to Kapture Service Cloud and streamline support.

eCommerce & Logistics Integrations

Streamline order management, enable efficient issue resolution, and enhance customer experience by providing accurate, real-time updates.


Give agents access to essential customer information in Kapture to assist them without switching tabs.


Order tracking, customer insights, and personalized experiences – maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Give access to relevant Magento information about customers to your agents while supporting them, all without leaving Kapture.


Connect your WooCommerce store to Kapture and support customers across multiple channels.


Access real-time order details, track inventory levels, and update order status – all within Kapture.


Enable your customer support team to answer customer queries on-the-go.

Blue Dart

Give access to  order details and delivery information next to agent conversations.


Seamlessly create tickets in Kapture when delivery issues arise, so you can act proactively.


Equip agents with all the necessary information to deliver exceptional service to your customers.

Payments Integrations

Direct in-interface transactions, automated billing, secure handling of financial data, and more. Provide a seamless and satisfying customer experience from inquiry to payment.


Manage Paypal transactions, subscriptions, and invoices with support tickets in Kapture.


A wide range of banking services and rewards, while supporting local merchants and businesses.


Allows real-time tracking of each customer’s payment status, offering critical insights into their purchasing journey.


Access customer transaction details and statuses to efficiently resolve payment disputes.


Seamless payment data integration to deliver personalized offers, streamline transactions, and build lasting customer relationships.


A unified view of customer transactions, preferences, and behaviors, enabling you to optimize payment experiences, reduce churn, and drive revenue growth.

ERP Integrations

Streamline operations, get a 360-degree customer view, improve response times, make data-driven decisions, automate workflows, and more to ensure scalability and flexibility.


Resolve customer inquiries around orders, invoices, and more without switching between multiple systems.

Dynamics 365

Get a complete view of your customers by integrating between Kapture Ticketing System and Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Empower your customer support teams to address client needs in real-time and maintain data accuracy.


Get real-time access to order history, product information, and customer data within Kapture for faster and more accurate resolution.

Google Cloud Platform

Scalable infrastructure, data storage and management, machine learning and AI, real-time data processing, and more.

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