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About Us

Kapture, an enterprise-grade, SaaS-based platform, which provides businesses across industries around the world with high-tech, hyper-personalized solutions.

What we Offer

Streamline Business Operations with Unified Experiences & Insights

At Kapture, we are dedicated to optimizing daily operations for organizations, aiming for effortless experiences for both employees and customers. We stay ahead of the curve by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as generative AI into our solutions. Our focus on hyper-personalization means crafting tailored, industry-specific solutions that deepen customer engagement and support. By harnessing these innovations, we empower our clients to deliver unparalleled experiences and support to their customers.

Our comprehensive suite comprises Kapture CX, a cloud-based customer support automation platform with extensive features, Kapture Insights—a comprehensive customer feedback management tool, Kapture EX—a top-tier platform facilitating employee collaboration and internal ticketing for businesses, and Kapture Frontline—a leading field service management platform tailored for FMCDs.

Our feature set encompasses contact center and service center management, live chat, knowledge management systems (KMS), learning management systems (LMS), helpdesk and ticket management, and internal ticketing. We serve various industries, including retail, travel, energy, consumer durables, pharmaceuticals, and BFSI, guaranteeing highly personalized solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.


Kapture CX

Achieve new-age CX through our comprehensive suite of solutions aimed to take customer support to the next level with AI, and hyper-personalization.


Kapture Frontline

Help your field service agents with the right tools, aided by AI. Build a high-yield field force and reduce your operational costs by more than 30%


Kapture Insights

Help support persons achieve speed with accuracy using consolidated data, automated resolutions, email/chat templates and GenAI response generation.

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