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Tata 1mg Elevates Customer Support to New Heights with Kapture CX

Tata 1mg is a prominent consumer health platform dedicated to makinghealthcare accessible and affordable for over a billion Indians. Offering arange of services, from e-pharmacy to diagnostics and e-consultations, Tata1mg’s commitment is evident through its operations in over 1800 cities acrossIndia.

Situation Overview

Tata 1mg’s core philosophy revolves around prioritizing its customers and delivering a top-notch experience. Mr. Anubhav Mehrotra, VP of Customer Success, underlines this commitment, stating, “We exist because of our customers. The one North star that we follow is to be superlative in our customer experience delivery.

In their journey to becoming India’s most trusted healthcare provider, Tata1mg faced the challenge of consolidating and enhancing their customer experience.

With millions of orders delivered, it was evident that their customers were at the heart of their mission..

We are positive that Kapture CX is going to be a tool that is going to prove very successful for many entities”

Anubhav Mehrotra

VP of Customer Success


Tata 1mg took numerous initiatives in the pursuit of its aim, which is to put the needs of its customers first. This is where Kapture CX entered the picture.

Scattered Customer Voice

Tata 1mg had customer feedback dispersed across various channels, making it challenging to centralize and streamline this valuable input for an improved customer experience.

Standardized Workflows

Tata 1mg required a customized solution to meet their unique enterprise needs rather than adopting a generic approach.

In Cohesive Internal Communication

Seamlessness in working with partners and third-party providers was essential, but this aspect presented a significant obstacle.


Tata 1mg aimed to engage with customers proactively by consolidating customer feedback efficiently. They sought a unified platform where customer support advisors could access all relevant information. Given their extensive operations spanning 1800+ cities, they required tailored customizations and continuous support.

They found a reliable partner in Kapture CX, leveraging its expertise in intricate, domain-focused, enterprise workflows to address their challenges:

Omnichannel Ticketing

Kapture CX’s Omnichannel Ticketing Platform brought all customer queries onto a single dashboard, allowing Tata 1mg to provide high-quality solutions and enhance their customer experience.

Customized Workflows with Kapture CX

Kapture CX tailored its platform to meet Tata 1mg’sspecific requirements. Siji, Director of Operations, praised Kapture CX for resolving issues related to support and customization.

Side Conversation

The “Side Conversation” feature enabled discreet internal coordination, allowing agents to seek assistance efficiently without involving additional individuals in the primary ticket.

Benefits Delivered

Tata 1mg witnessed significant improvements with Kapture CX: 

  • Agents efficiently managed customer interactions with customized workflows facilitated by dedicated support.
  • The “Side Conversation” feature saved time and enhanced agent efficiency, enabling separate discussions without disruptions.
  • Front line advisors had quick access to essential information, ensuring timely resolutions and enhancing the first-contact resolution (FCR) for customers.

About Kapture CX

Kapture CX is an Enterprise-grade SaaS-based customer experience management platform, rooted in cutting-edge technology, including Machine Learning and Generative AI.
Serving various industries, Kapture CX is helping over 1000+ businesses across 16 countries elevate their customer experiences from average to exceptional, with a strong focus on Retail, BFSI, Travel, and Consumer Durables.