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Modern customers demand better experiences. Keep them coming back with an AI-powered support platform designed for e-commerce enterprises.

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Kapture in Action

Reduce up to 90% Support Ticket Volume

Diverse e-commerce business models face unique support challenges. Kapture enables support automation for all.

Grow with Kapture

Pull Out All The Stops

Spotlight the customer

Use hyper-personalized, intelligent and contextual support to place the customer front and center.

Achieve speed & scale

Analyze patterns, predict issues and offer proactive support at speed and scale using ML-led automation.

Extend omnichannel support

Consolidate support touchpoints by connecting Kapture with 1,000+ enterprise API integrations.

Personalize self-service

Let AI study customer information, behavior, and purchase data to dynamically display personalized FAQs.

Customize to fit

Get the Kapture implementation team to customize the already built-for-ecommerce platform to suit your unique business needs.

Save money

Plug-in resource leaks in your support organization and optimize key metrics- NPS, FCR, CSAT.

Safeguard data & reputation

Encrypt sensitive data, mask PHI/PPI information, and expose only necessary data to support teams.

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Tailored For Your Business

We’ve Got you Covered

Diverse e-commerce business models face unique support challenges. Kapture enables support automation for all.


Run a successful e-commerce enterprise directly from your manufacturing facility with a strong support infrastructure.

Subscription service

Maintain repeat orders and consistent customers with superior support personalized for each buyer.


Make your support organization as “quick” as your product delivery by consolidating & contextualizing customer data.


Seamlessly support transactions between your digital storefront, customers and suppliers with tech-savvy support automation.

C2C / Online marketplaces

Facilitate your C2C e-commerce platform to support buying and selling between consumers without friction.

The Kapture Advantage

From Clunky to Crisp

E-commerce support experiences are infamous for being awkward and frustrating. Change that by offering superior customer support with Kapture. Here’s how Kapture helps:

Eliminates data silos

Kapture consolidates data from all sources with security and utilizes them for mission-critical decision making.

Enriches self-serve

Personalize self-serve by displaying FAQs relevant to the customer and ticket context with AI.

Integrates channels

Bring customer support tickets from chat, email, social media, and calls into a single purview for efficient resolution.

Simplifies complex reporting

Use and customize 500+ reporting templates to create dashboards classified by agent or ticket source.

Offers intelligent context

Automate ticket resolutions with artificial intelligence factoring in customer information, segmentation, nature of requests, etc.

Empowers support agents

Chat templates help quickly respond to repetitive queries, and OpenAI summarizes queries and generates editable responses.


High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture has been rated as a high performer on G2 and one of the most loved CX platforms on Gartner Peer Insights based on customer reviews.

Smart AI & Automation

Do more with less using AI, ML, NLP

  • Assign customer queries based on skill mapping and load balancing to expedite support.
  • Arm agents with enterprise-grade OpenAI response recommendations and query summarization to quickly resolve requests.
  • Allow diverse chat options: menu-based, conversational, and FAQs for customers.
  • Capture feedback throughout support journeys and enable customer-led innovation.
  • Eliminate agent dependency by automating complex escalations like refunds and wrong product shipments.

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Insights from satisfied customers sharing their experiences with our product and services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Kapture suits rapidly growing e-commerce enterprises. Being fitted with AI, ML, and NLP, Kapture assures speed of customer support along with scale. As your e-commerce business receives seasonal demand, Kapture helps maintain elevated customer support experiences.

Yes, Kapture is built for e-commerce enterprises that often span continents. Kapture offers multilingual functionality to cater to a diverse geography. Moreover, you can customize Kapture to auto-assign tickets based on support staff geography and generate reports to analyze support performance at various locations separately.

Kapture comes with AI-enabled self-serve options for your already digitally-savvy customers. Customers can log into Kapture and view detailed, personalized FAQs, choose a query with a menu-based chatbot or converse with a conversational AI bot. You can also customize and offer a knowledge base that customers can use to receive information quickly.

Kapture boasts of the fastest go-live in the industry courtesy of our implementation managers using their deep domain expertise to conduct an extensive requirement analysis of your e-commerce business. This ensures a quick, customized and hassle-free deployment process.

The cost of adopting Kapture relies on the scale and complexity of your customer support. To accommodate last-mile enterprise customizations, we start by having a detailed discussion with you to learn about your support organization, budget and business goals. We then implement a tailored solution that aligns with your e-commerce enterprise needs.

Kapture is designed for seamless integration with e-commerce technology stacks. However, potential hurdles can arise due to legacy system complexities, data migration challenges, or the need for specific customizations. We conduct thorough assessments upfront to anticipate and address these issues, so surprises down the line are rare. Our team understands e-commerce intricacies and is committed to proactively addressing problems should the need arise.

We are committed to seeing you make the most out of Kapture. So, we assist our customers through the implementation process and see last-mile customizations to the end. We see to it that Kapture fits your processes and requirements to minimize change management for you.

Kapture’s noteworthy competitors cast a wide net with their features and capabilities as they focus on SMEs/small businesses. We know that large enterprises need a support platform that goes narrow and deep. That’s just what Kapture is- a vertical-focused customer support solution.

We offer omni-channel integrations to ensure a smooth shopping experience for customers across all retail formats, bringing together sales, fulfillment, return, and inventory management into a single platform.

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