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Manage traveler queries, aggregator partners and travel agents in a consolidated enterprise-focused, AI-powered customer support automation platform.

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Boost CSAT Score by 30%

Quantitative KPIs reflect your improved customer experience in no time with the Kapture support automation platform.

Superior Experiences With Zero Hassle

Vacation Calories Don’t Count. Vacation Experiences Do.

Enable superior travel experiences for your customers with a modern support platform.

Offer omnichannel assistance

Consolidate support interactions across email, calls, text, chat and social media under one purview to enable swift resolution.

Treat different customers differently

Roll out premium customer support experiences for VIP travelers and make sure they continue to choose your services.

Enable multilingual support 24×7

Offer support in your global customers’ native languages for a personalized experience. Enable chatbots for round-the-clock support.

Predict escalations

Use information such as customer product, agent performance and historical data to predict and handle ticket escalations.

Handle all customer types

Use one platform to manage travel agents, groups, corporate customers, aggregators and B2C customers.

Integrate with ease

Use 1,000+ API integrations to make Kapture support automation a part of your existing tech stack.

Improve knowledge management

Equip your support staff to readily handle complex and tricky queries by making information available, searchable and personalized.

Personalize self-service

Display different FAQs for different customers based on their purchase history with the Kapture support automation platform.

Customize your platform

Kapture implementation managers work alongside you to further customize an already built-for-travel enterprise support platform.

Improve KPIs

Stop leaking valuable resources and boost KPIs that impact your business, such as NPS, CLV, CSAT, and retention rate.

Comply with regulations

Leverage enterprise-grade security protocols such as RBAC and MFA for regulations such as ISO, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Transform travel support.

AI-Powered Journey Transformation

Booking to Baggage Claim: Airline & Cruise Experiences

Transform airline and cruise travel experiences by enabling AI innovation throughout customer support journeys.

Integrate touchpoints

Bring queries from chat, email, calls, website, and social media under one umbrella for quick and seamless resolution.

Activate intelligent context

Build the context behind queries with customer data, product data, and other information to resolve queries efficiently.

Enable 360-degree view

Have agents view all customer information on a single screen, add tags to classify tickets, stay updated on ticket progress, and personalize each interaction.

Modernize self-serve

Offer dynamic self-service options with personalized FAQs, conversational bots and menu-based chatbots.

Generate support reports

Use 1,000+ reporting templates to justify costs, show progress, and discover gaps in your support organization.

Assist support staff

Help support persons achieve speed with accuracy using consolidated data, automated resolutions, email/chat templates and GenAI response generation.

Inspire honest feedback

Encourage customers to leave honest feedback after every interaction using Kapture’s chatbot. Automate escalations based on priority customers’ feedback.

Allocate & prioritize intelligently

Assign and prioritize tickets based on ticket type, loyalty programs, communication channel, agent skill set, customer segment, and travel departure date.


High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture has been rated as a high performer on G2 and one of the most loved CX platforms on Gartner Peer Insights based on customer reviews.

Smart AI & Automation

Do more with less using AI, ML, NLP

  • Assign travel support tickets based on staff skill set, location, nature of ticket, load balancing, etc.
  • Get enterprise-grade OpenAI response recommendations and query summarization to augment manual operations with automation.
  • Diversify self-serve options with menu-based chatbots, conversational bots, and FAQs.
  • Gather customer feedback across support journeys and enable customer-led innovation.
  • Prevent agent overwhelm by automating repetitive support query resolutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kapture support automation revolutionizes support for aviation and cruise travel enterprises. We help large enterprises manage customer experiences for business-class and economy customers, all from the same platform. Enterprises can manage different parties, including customers, travel agents, partners, aggregators, and groups, from a single interface.

Kapture offers a support solution that recognizes the needs of the modern, innovative travel enterprise and their customers. On that note, Kapture leverages artificial intelligence to automate the repetitive, assist agents, and empower customers with personalized self-service. Kapture consolidates all support operations so that support agents, managers, and customers gain all the information they need to ensure an elevated customer support experience.

Kapture implementation costs rely on your enterprise’s support complexity and scale. Our dedicated implementation managers speak to you to learn more about your support needs and then provide you with an estimated cost of implementation. Our customers see ROI quickly as Kapture offers the fastest go-live in the industry and is already customized for airline and cruise enterprises.

Kapture offers the fastest go-live in the industry, thanks to our dedicated implementation managers who strive to provide you with last-mile customizations on top of an already built-for-enterprise travel support platform. Kapture implementation timelines depend on the complexity and scale of your support organization. We conduct a thorough assessment before providing you with a timeline estimate.

Kapture leverages modern technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence, NLP, and GenAI to improve agent productivity, reduce manual errors, and accelerate responses. Kapture is known to improve CSAT by up to 30% and customer retention rate by 37% within 12-24 months of execution. Businesses that leverage data analytics with Kapture see a 27% boost in agent productivity and a 40-minute reduction in the TAT.

Usually, we implement Kapture for travel enterprises hassle-free. Sometimes, our implementation managers foresee issues that may arise due to legacy systems, complicated customizations, or data migration challenges. In such cases, we take appropriate measures to address these concerns so that you utilize the full potential of your support automation platform.

In a competitive market, customer experience can become your differentiating factor. For travel enterprises in the airline and cruise industries, customer support is a key component of customer satisfaction. Without consolidating data, using AI, and removing siloes, you cannot offer quick and accurate support, risking losing customers. Kapture support automation platform ensures you serve customers at scale and speed so they keep returning for better travel experiences.

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