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Minimize wait time, boost agent productivity, and improve customer experience with enterprise-grade AI-powered live chat software for customer service.

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Benefit from Immediate, Economical Resolutions

Immediate Customer Care at Low Cost

Offer instant gratification to customers with Kapture live chat software for customer service. Activate a modern support and sales channel and optimize costs.

Redefining Agent Performances

Reclaim up to 30% Agent Productivity

A Live Chat solution works with other customer experience tools to provide a low-cost, quick channel to address queries and save resources.

Chat and Resolve Seamlessly with Technology

Chat and Resolve Seamlessly with Technology

Personalize conversations

Provide agents with artificial intelligence and contextual information to personalize every chat interaction.


Quickly route queries, segment visitors, and automate escalations with AI/ML. Use OpenAI to summarize queries and generate responses.

Intelligently assign queries

Use AI to assign chats based on agent availability and skillset using round-robin or one-at-a-time rules.

Monitor in real-time

Upskill your support workforce, reward high performers, and track the quality of service delivered by allowing supervisors to monitor chats.

Run powerful analytics

Execute in-depth analytics on collected data and create reports from 1,000+ templates to spot patterns, predict issues, and prove ROI.

Offer omnichannel support

Consolidate chat from website, social media, and mobile app to offer a hiccup-free customer experience with chaos-free backend operations.

Define chat workflow

Segment chats into leads or support tickets and allocate them to concerned departments and agents. Define how each chat category is processed.

Witness support transformation

Case Study

StarQuik Fields 650+ Chats/Day

“Our customers prefer chat over call or email. We get around 650+ chat tickets from website and our mobile app per day. With Kapture Chat, our agents were able to handle several customers at the same time and were still able to offer personalized customer support experience.”

Head – Customer Care – StarQuik

Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction with Live Chat

Comfortable Chat for Customer Satisfaction

Add live chat software for customer service to your CX toolkit and serve next-generation customers who find calling a hassle.

Get a holistic customer view - Live Chat system

Get a holistic customer view

Unlock a 360-degree customer view so agents have all the information they need for quick and personalized query resolutions.


Comply confidently

Enable privacy in conversations by masking PII/PHI data. Comply with ISO, HIPAA, GDPR and other regulations.


Gather customer feedback

Ask customers to rate their experience after each conversation and gather meaningful feedback to inform decision making.


Get last-mile customizations

Get your live chat function to perfectly fit your processes and requirements with our dedicated implementation managers.

Integrate seamlessly - Livechat

Integrate seamlessly

Connect Kapture Live Chat with your existing tech stack using 1,000+ API integrations.

Offer multilingual 24×7 chat - Livechat

Offer multilingual 24×7 chat

Serve your customers globally with multilingual chat options. Use conversational bots and menu-based chatbots for 24×7 availability.

Personalize self-service - Livechat

Personalize self-service

Enable dynamic self-serve options, including conversational bots, menu-based chatbots and personalized FAQs to empower customers.

live chat software for customer service

Improve KPIs

Achieve a higher resolution rate and optimize agent productivity while offering personalized service through Kapture Live Chat.

Accolades in Customer experience software category

High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture’s customer experience platform has been rated as a high performer on G2 and one of the most loved CX platforms on Gartner Peer Insights based on customer reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

Live chat software helps customer support agents provide immediate and live support and help customers check shipping status, initiate a return, or ask questions before or after a purchase. Live chat serves as an addition to your suite of customer experience tools, such as a contact center, service center, field service, etc. A live chat solution helps you manage customer interactions from one interface and integrate it with the rest of your customer-facing tech stack.

Some customers, especially the next generation, consider calling a hassle. They were born in the era of digitization and are more comfortable with chat interactions. Live chat software helps businesses cater to these customers and provide immediate answers using AI or human talent. Live chat helps diversify customer service channels and boost customer satisfaction. Kapture Live Chat software integrates with other tools in your tech stack and ensures data utilization for decision making. It leverages AI and NLP to boost operational efficiency and personalize interactions with customers over chat.

Live chat software for customer service can boost customer retention and loyalty by improving your business’ service outcomes and availability. It can serve as a sales tool as it uncovers opportunities for upselling and cross-selling products/services to customers based on their past interactions. It can answer last-minute questions for customers to lower shopping cart abandonment rates. Live chat can take the burden off your agents by employing AI to answer trivial questions and boost your contact center’s cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Live chat is a digital communication channel that customer service agents use to connect with customers in real-time and answer their queries. Chatbots are AI software that use Natural Language Processing to simulate human conversations. They query a knowledge base and are able to effectively respond to trivial, repetitive questions from customers. Chatbots can also be trained to perform tasks such as ticket assignment, query escalation, and service scheduling. Live chat software may or may not use chatbots. Kapture Live Chat features AI and NLP for robust service delivery.

Kapture Live Chat implementation costs depend on the scale and complexity of your customer service function. We ensure last-mile customizations to your chat software. So, our dedicated implementation managers first assess your enterprise and discover your requirements before providing you with an estimated budget for implementation.

Kapture offers the fastest go-live in the industry even as we offer last-mile customizations to your Live Chat solution. However, we assess the scale and complexity of your requirements and processes to provide you with a timeline of execution.

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