Deliver consistent and cohesive customer experiences across all channels

Say goodbye to fragmented experiences. Bring all your support channels under one roof, so your agents can respond consistently, offer conversational & contextually-relevant experiences no matter where customers reach out.

omnichannel experience

Built For Your Enterprise

Give your customers the complete service experience they deserve

Boost Customer Satisfaction Significantly

Ensure consistent and seamless customer interactions across all your touchpoints, leading to higher customer satisfaction as they experience smoother transitions and faster issue resolution.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention

With the flexibility to engage with you through their favorite channels and maintaining context across interactions, foster stronger relationships, leading to higher retention rates and lifetime value.

Enhance First Contact Resolution

Give agents access to a comprehensive view of customer interactions and history, facilitating quicker issue resolution, which influences customer satisfaction and operational efficiency significantly.

Unified Conversations

Give your customers consistent service

Experience the ease of managing all customer communication channels (email, chat, social media, and more) within a single interface. With Kapture, your support agents can effortlessly track and contextually respond to all customer queries across channels, ensuring no question goes unanswered.

Quit juggling multiple platforms and windows – embrace the simplicity of managing all customer interactions from one unified dashboard.

Customer 360

Get a complete view of your customers

Past interactions and customer history are easily accessible irrespective of the channel they reach out from, ensuring agents can provide personalized and consistent support.

Get access to insightful data that can unlock a holistic perspective of your customers and to gauge your team’s effectiveness. Identify areas of improvement and track customer interactions to deliver memorable customer support experiences.

Live Chat & AI Bots

Always be there for your customers

Experience the difference by offering your customers round-clock assistance with Kapture. Our AI-powered CX platform ensures that your customers receive assistance whenever they need it.

With features like Live Chat and AI Bots, you can respond promptly to inquiries and resolve issues swiftly. Keep your customers delighted and engaged with seamless support anytime, anywhere.

Side Conversations

Collaborating has never been easier

Utilize features like Side Conversations to discuss critical tickets within your team to ensure swift resolutions. Break down complex issues into manageable tasks by creating child tickets and assigning them to relevant departments such as Sales or Product.

With clear visibility into task ownership, agents can avoid redundant responses and provide customers with accurate and timely assistance.


Help customers help themselves

With the ability to understand natural language and customer intent, Kapture’s Bots can proactively anticipate customer needs, intelligently analyze queries in real-time and direct customers to the right support articles and offer instant resolutions.

Additionally, craft personalized customer flows and experiences specific to your business and customer type with just a few clicks.

More Features

A wide range of capabilities with Kapture

Customizable AI Bots

Craft unique customer journeys by automating your customer support with customizable, AI-powered bots, tailored to fit your industry and brand’s voice and needs.

Valuable Customer Insights

Analyze critical data from customer conversations to enhance your services, products, and strategic decisions, ensuring they’re perfectly aligned with your customers’ needs.

Effortless Integrations

1000+ custom-built, industry-focused integrations for enterprises with dedicated customer support and fastest go-live in the industry.

service cloud

Multilingual Capabilities

Overcome language obstacles and effortlessly communicate with your customers in the language of their choice, making your business truly global.

24/7 Availability

With AI Bots and Knowledge Base, provide contextual solutions and timely responses to customers around the clock, using resources like websites or documents..

Co-pilot KAI

With advanced ML and NLP, Co-pilot KAI dynamically suggests responses and next steps with customer-specific data, helping you resolve queries faster.


Connect Seamlessly to the Tools Your Teams Use Daily

Data is useless when it’s hard to access. Kapture integrates with the tools your teams use daily providing quick and easy access to customer insights. Unified visibility = better CX. Experience the power of 1000+ out-of-the-box Enterprise API integrations to centralize your support operations.

Scale with Confidence

Enterprise-grade Security & Compliance

Encrypt sensitive data and mask PHI/PPI information so that your support team can access only necessary information.

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