Directly Automate 90% of Your Support Queue with Advanced Hybrid Chatbots

Built with the most sophisticated AI technology, Kapture’s Chatbot engages your customers in smarter, more meaningful conversations with minimal human intervention.


Built For Your Enterprise

Empower Your Customers and Agents with AI-Powered Conversational Support

Easily Personalize at Scale

Create unique conversations with every customer, making every interaction feel personal and meaningful, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. Effortlessly meet the demands of any volume of interactions.

Instant Solutions from Multiple Resources

Empower your customers to find the answers they need instantly, anytime, and from anywhere. Chatbot taps into multiple resources to provide accurate, contextual resolutions, reducing wait times and clearing the queue.

Reduce Operational Costs Significantly

Efficiently handling routine inquiries with Chatbot. Let your team concentrate on more complex issues, optimizing resource allocation and improving overall service quality without compromising on customer experience.

Hyper-Personalized, Contextual Conversations

Genuine Conversations Every Time: AI meets Authenticity

As an advanced natural language chatbot, it seamlessly navigates complex inquiries, engages in meaningful and contextual dialogue by asking for clarifications, and holds full conversations with your customers. 

This sophisticated interaction not only significantly reduces support volume but also empowers your customers with round-the-clock assistance, elevating CSAT levels through unparalleled service.

Chatbot for FAQs

Instantly resolve routine queries with accurate responses

Kapture’s Chatbot is built to answer frequently asked questions by pulling data from a variety of resources, like knowledge base, websites, or documents.

  • Delivers precise, instant support to your customers by leveraging keyword-based searches and adapting to geographic, demographic, and firmographic data.
  • Tailors answers based on customer context ensures relevance and ease of navigation.
  • Continuously improves responses and solutions by analyzing customer interactions, keeping answers updated and accurate.

Menu-Based Chatbot

Offer streamlined, efficient, and intuitive customer support

With our Chatbot, guide your customers to the solutions they need with simplicity and speed, reducing the volume of direct contacts with your agents.

  • Easily customize and manage your chatbot’s flow with our intuitive drag and drop builder. No coding required.
  • Be where your customers are. Our chatbot integrates seamlessly across various platforms, ensuring consistent support.
  • Break down language barriers. Offers support in multiple languages, making your services accessible to a global audience.

Conversational Chatbot

Make every customer feel heard and valued, foster a deeper connection

Our Chatbot understands and interprets user intents in a free-form conversation, making it capable of handling complex queries and nuanced requests.

  • Utilizes Conversational AI, NLP, and industry-specific LLM to understand queries, engage in natural dialogues, and provide refined responses. 
  • Through Sentiment Analysis, Intent Recognition, and Data-Driven Personalization, it not only understands the “what” but also the “how” of customer queries, tailoring interactions to individual emotional states and needs.
  • Designed for continuous learning from every customer interaction, it leads to constant enhancement in response accuracy and process efficiency, along with seamless escalation to human agents when necessary.

Ticket Deflection

Resolve a ticket before it’s even created

Imagine a world where customer issues are resolved before they even become tickets. With Ticket Deflection, that world is now a reality.

  • Kapture’s Chatbot proactively anticipates customer needs, intelligently analyzing queries in real-time to prevent ticket creation.
  • Direct customers to the right support articles and offer instant resolutions. 
  • Minimize direct agent involvement, freeing up your team to concentrate on issues that truly matter.

Automated Workflows & Smart Ticket Assignment

Workflows & assigning tickets have never been easier

Managing customer queries and tickets can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. With Automated Workflows and Smart Ticket Assignment, it’s not just easy—it’s intelligent.

  • Craft personalized customer journeys and experiences specific to your business and customer type with just a few clicks.
  • Auto-categorize tickets by subject, priority, and customer history, streamlining your workflow from the get-go.
  • Directs tickets to the most suitable agent based on skills, workload, and priority, using real-time assessment and adaptive learning. 
  • Aggregates identical tickets from various channels to offer a centralized, holistic view.

Agent Handoff

Seamlessly transfer customers to the best agent

Kapture’s Chatbot can swiftly navigate complex problems and pass them to your support team with all the essential information – so your customers always get the best possible experience.

  • Provides agents with concise, AI-generated summaries of the conversation, ensuring they grasp the customer’s issue without needing to sift through the entire chat.
  • Automatically categorizes and tags conversations based on content and urgency, mapping them to related issues. 
  • With seamless integrations, smoothly transition customers to the most suitable agent, carrying over all relevant information to provide a continuation of service without any repetition or delay.

Other Features You’d Love

Customizable AI Bots

Craft unique customer journeys by automating your customer support with customizable AI-powered bots, tailored to fit your industry, platform, and brand’s voice.

Valuable Customer Insights

Analyze critical customer data from AI chatbot conversations to enhance your services, products, and strategic decisions, ensuring they’re perfectly aligned with your customers’ needs.

Effortless Integrations

1000+ custom-built, industry-focused integrations for enterprises with dedicated customer support and fastest go-live in the industry.

service cloud

Multilingual Capabilities

Overcome language obstacles effortlessly with an AI chatbot that communicates fluently in multiple languages, making your business truly global.

24/7 Availability

With AI Bots and Knowledge Base, provide contextual solutions and timely responses to customers around the clock, using resources like websites or documents.

KAI Co-pilot

With advanced ML and NLP, KAI Co-pilot dynamically suggests contextual responses and next steps by analyzing customer conversations, helping you resolve queries faster.


Connect Seamlessly to the Tools Your Teams Use Daily

Data is useless when it’s hard to access. Kapture integrates with the tools your teams use daily providing quick and easy access to customer insights. Unified visibility = better CX. Experience the power of 1000+ out-of-the-box Enterprise API integrations to centralize your support operations.

Scale with Confidence

Enterprise-grade Security & Compliance

Encrypt sensitive data and mask PHI/PPI information so that your support team can access only necessary information.

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