Knowledge Management System

Make information searchable, accessible, and available so support agents learn on the go and customers enjoy intuitive self-service.

1000+ Enterprises Trust Kapture

End-to-End Knowledge Base

Make Every Agent a Know-it-All

Empower agents with an AI-powered, enterprise-focused customer service knowledge management system to resolve customer queries efficiently.

Enable your Customers with KMS

50% Faster Query Resolution with AI

Use AI chatbot assistants to query the knowledge base, summarize tickets, and recommend personalized responses.

Craft Futuristic CX Experiences

Future-proof Knowledge Management for Enterprises

Modern enterprises must rely on AI/ML, NLP, and OpenAI to deliver faster outcomes to savvy customers. A future-proof KMS is table stakes.

Make it omnichannel

Allow support agents to access the knowledge base from any device, make changes to contents and tickets and have them reflected everywhere.

Automate knowledge base evolution

Use AI to analyze ticket data and generate knowledge base articles, FAQs and topic clusters within the knowledge base.

Customize FAQs

Add responses to relevant and common questions to save time and effort for peers and customers.

Configure OpenAI

Set up enterprise-grade OpenAI on top of your knowledge base to comprehend/summarize customer queries, generate automated responses, and assist agents.

Automate personalized responses

Use an AI-powered customer service knowledge management system to perform sentiment analysis on customer queries and personalize automated responses for quicker resolutions.

Use universal advanced search

Find all the information you need by typing in keywords and querying all knowledge base articles, videos, decks, and images.

Set up intelligent bot workflows

Build and manage your chatbot workflows as per your business requirements and assist agents and customers in finding solutions rapidly.

Use information flickers for agents

Flash alerts on agent screens regarding offers, product updates, policy updates, etc., based on agent location.

Make self-service visual and interactive

Kapture’s knowledge management system lends an interactive user interface with distinct symbols/logos for separate categories and easy instructions for customer self-service.

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Case Study

StarQuik Fields 650+ Chats/Day

“Our customers prefer chat over call or email. We get around 650+ chat tickets from website and our mobile app per day. With Kapture Chat, our agents were able to handle several customers at the same time and were still able to offer personalized customer support experience.”

Head – Customer Care – StarQuik

Redefining Self-Help Capabilities

Modernize Your KMS for CX Supremacy

Deliver a standout customer experience using an AI-powered, enterprise-focused Kapture Knowledge Management System.

Stop resource leaks - KMS

Stop resource leaks

Prevent resource drains from searching for the same information repeatedly. Organize and systemize knowledge for quick discovery with a KMS.


Ensure security & compliance

Safeguard sensitive data by implementing role-based access control, multifactor authentication, DLP, and EKM, and achieve regulatory compliance.

customer service knowledge management

Get last-mile customizations

Have your KMS perfectly aligned with your requirements and processes. Our implementation managers accomplish any customizations you need.

Track KPI - Helpdesk management system

Boost CX KPIs

A modern AI-led knowledge management system can readily boost AHT, CSAT, NPS, and other mission-critical CX metrics.

Offer multilingual support - Helpdesk management system

Deliver 24×7, multilingual support

Cater to a global and diverse customer base with an integrated KMS. Use AI chatbots for 24×7 support and offer multilingual content and translations.

Integrate seamlessly - Helpdesk management system

Integrate seamlessly

Use 1,000+ API integrations to connect your KMS across your tech stack easily and hassle-free.

Run powerful analytics - kms

Run powerful analytics

Use deep data analytics to spot gaps in knowledge, analyze FAQ effectiveness, and continually improve your knowledge management.

Use enterprise-grade AI - KMS

Use enterprise-grade AI

Leverage several use cases of AI/ML, NLP, and GenAI in a KMS that simplifies knowledge discovery and automates customer support.


Report trends easily

Use 1,000+ reporting templates to show growth, prove ROI, spot trends and patterns in data, and inform decision-making.


High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture has been rated as a high performer on G2 and one of the most loved CX platforms on Gartner Peer Insights based on customer reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

A knowledge management system is used to aggregate information from across an enterprise, classify it into categories, and make it searchable so that support agents and customers can find the right information to address customer needs. A KMS consolidates data that would otherwise be scattered throughout an organization, making it useless in supporting customers.

A Knowledge Management System helps large enterprises consolidate information critical for agents to support customers and offer customer satisfaction. You can think of a KMS as a database. On top of that, modern KMS comes with AI applications, so agents can generate automated responses to queries, summarize incoming queries, and allow bots to hold conversations with customers. In such a way, a KMS boosts customer support by making information available, accessible, multilingual, and discoverable for both customers (self-service) and support agents.

Enterprises usually house a huge volume of data necessary to support customer journeys from product discovery through sales and after-sales. A modern KMS such as Kapture is uniquely built to support large enterprises and their customers. Kapture KMS comes with AI, data analytics, reporting, and advanced search capabilities so that enterprise users can find what they need and automate support workflows in a jiffy. Kapture assists agents with AI, provides customers with powerful self-serve options, and boosts CX metrics, providing a healthy outcome for all CX stakeholders.

Newer generations don’t see calling customer support as the go-to option to address their queries or concerns. They like to access a personalized FAQ section, converse with an NLP-based bot, or chat with a menu-based chatbot. These powerful self-service options have become important for customer experience. A modern KMS allows enterprises to configure AI-powered knowledge bases, evolve them over time, and help agents and customers find everything they need with advanced search.

Kapture KMS costs depend on the scale and complexity of your support organization. We offer last-mile customizations to fit your enterprise needs and processes. Our implementation managers thoroughly understand your requirements before sharing a cost estimate with you. Our customers see a healthy ROI in no time as Kapture KMS automates and modernizes your knowledge handling and positively impacts your operational efficiency.

Kapture offers the fastest go-live in the industry, even as we offer last-mile customizations. The time it takes to implement Kapture ultimately depends on the scope and complexity of your support organization and your KMS requirements. Our dedicated implementation managers conduct an analysis of your organization before sending you a timeline estimate.

Modern customer support knowledge management systems are integrated with AI/ML, NLP and OpenAI to assist agents in addressing customer queries. For instance, with Kapture KMS, agents can summarize customer queries, generate responses automatically, and even resolve queries through AI/ML bots. Modern KMS are omnichannel and support advanced search capabilities, powerful analytics, and an intuitive interface. Kapture KMS specifically serves large enterprises and their knowledge management needs.

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