Kapture Frontline

Connect on-field agents to customers and back offices to boost workforce productivity, customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

1000+ Enterprises Trust Kapture

Maximising Field Force Potential

Build a High-Yield Field Force

Embrace digital transformation for your field service with an AI-powered, enterprise-focused solution. Reduce costs as you improve ROI.

Higher Cost Savings

Save upto 30% in Operational Costs

Kapture’s AI-powered field service platform enables personalized self-service, omnichannel access, and agent assistance for efficient field jobs.

One-Stop Shop for Field Agents

Everything Field Agents need, made better

Enable mobile-first

Have field agents take digital signatures, mark attendance, upload pictures, scan necessary documents, and close tickets through an intuitive mobile app.

Track agent movement

Turn on real-time location tracking and geofencing to monitor your field force check-in and check-outs. Measure performance, spot gaps, and ensure accountability.

Activate offline features

Provide last-mile field service in remote areas with low connectivity. The Kapture mobile app allows agents to make updates offline and sync them to the cloud later.

Link field reps to service centers

Establish internal chat between field reps and service centers. Agents can request spare parts, notify about customer unavailability and more.

Generate real-time invoices

Allow field service reps to generate invoices in real-time and have customers complete the payment for quick ticket closure.

Send alerts to customers

Alert customers regularly about upcoming visits, delays, changes, payments received, and ticket resolutions.

Search the knowledge base

Allow field agents to search the internal knowledge base and find precise information to complete on-site jobs with confidence.

Use intelligent scheduling

Use AI and ML to automate ticket assignment and scheduling as per load balancing, agent skill mapping or current agent location.

Create in-depth reports

Use 1,000+ reporting templates to readily create in-depth reports and showcase growth, gaps and progress.

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Case Study

Kapture saves the day for Plum

Kapture helps Plum effortlessly handle over 400 customer emails in a day and address queries in less than 3 minutes.

Success Formula

Create a Win-Win-Win

Use Kapture Frontline to help agents perform jobs faster, improve efficiency for the business bottom line, and streamline fieldwork for customer satisfaction.


Enable omnichannel access

Allow customers to reach you through email, phone calls, mobile app, social media, or website. Streamline backend operations for omnichannel experience.

360° customer view - field service management

Build a 360° customer view

Consolidate data and break siloes for a holistic customer view that allows agents to gain context behind each request and do their job better.

Comply Confidently - field service management

Comply confidently

Comply with industry regulations by encrypting sensitive data, masking PHI/PPI information and exposing only necessary data to support teams.

smart escalations - field service management

Smart escalations

Set up smart escalations to quickly assign tickets to specialist agents and enable efficient resolutions to high-priority tickets.


Smooth scaling

Scale your contact center as you grow. Add more agents, field more calls and easily respond to an influx of queries in growth phases.

manage waranty - field service management

Manage warranty

Get unified data about warranty status, service frequency, and warranty validity to upsell and cross-sell products and related accessories to customers.

save money - field service management

Save money

Bring digital transformation to your field service operations to save money and improve the bottom line.

intergrate easily - field service management

Integrate easily

Make Kapture a part of your tech stack with 1,000+ API integrations that connect it seamlessly across your enterprise.

AI ML - field service management

Leverage AI, ML

Use modern technologies such as AI and ML to automate repetitive tasks, assist agents and boost efficiency at each step.

supervise expenses - field service management

Supervise expenses

Field service agents spend money on travel, food and other areas. Monitor and automate reimbursements after necessary approvals.


High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture has been rated as a high performer on G2 and one of the most loved CX platforms on Gartner Peer Insights based on customer reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

Large enterprises use field service management solutions to streamline operations such as customer request intake, task processing, service scheduling, ticket assignment, agent performance analysis, and more. Field service operations are the cornerstone of customer experience for many industries, including HVAC, IT service providers, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. Field services usually include system installations, repairs and maintenance tasks, product demonstrations, medical equipment deliveries, etc.

Modern enterprises can do more with less effort by using AI applications and utilizing data for decision making. These are key use cases in field service solutions today, as fragmented customer data can lead to cost leakage, and relying only on manual operations can mean expensive talent and low productivity. We advise large enterprises to look for AI-powered, omnichannel, and data-led field service management solutions, such as Kapture Frontline.

Digitizing Field Service Operations means using modern technologies like AI, ML, and NLP, to automate parts of the process, reduce agent dependency, eliminate manual labor, and boost productivity. Digitization begins by consolidating data to extract insights and build a holistic customer view for contextual query resolution. Kapture Frontline facilitates this transformation for large enterprises.

Kapture Frontline implementation costs rely on the scale and complexity of your field service organization. Our assigned implementation managers conduct a thorough analysis of your requirements before providing you with a budget estimate for our Field Service Management solution.

Kapture boasts of the fastest go-live in the industry. Our dedicated implementation managers study the scope and complexity of your field service operations and provide you with a timeline estimate, also factoring in your last-mile customization needs.