Smart Ticket Routing : Intelligently route tickets to the right agents

Leverage the power of AI and automate ticket routing to accurately route support tickets to the best team or agent for the job – based on skills, language, availability, priority, workload, and more.

Automated Ticket Routing

Built For Your Enterprise

A smart ticket routing engine to match tickets to the right expert

ticket routing

Accelerate Resolution Time

Experience a significant decrease in Average Handle Time. Smart Ticket Routing directly connects support tickets with the agents best equipped to handle them, boosting First Contact Resolution rates significantly.

automated ticket routing

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Transform customer experiences with quicker, accurate solutions. Support from specialized agents ensures every interaction counts, improving satisfaction scores and reinforcing your commitment to exceptional service.

automated ticket routing

Optimize Agent Performance

Empower your support team with a balanced workload and the right challenges. Match tickets to agents based on expertise and availability to maximize efficiency and satisfaction, leading to higher quality customer interactions.

Round Robin Ticket Assignment

Ensure every ticket is assigned

Our advanced built-in ticket routing system guarantees every ticket is on the fastest track to resolution. Let your agents experience fair and efficient ticket assignment with Round Robin Ticket Assignment. Distribute tickets to agents based on their workload and any other custom conditions defined by you. With minimal oversight, leave no customer query behind.

ticket routing
automated ticket routing

Automated Ticket Routing

Assign based on skills, experience, priority, and more!

Assign tickets based on factors like skills, experience, and priority – ensure the right tickets reach the right hands for faster, more effective resolutions. Utilizing real-time assessment and adaptive learning, it constantly refines the routing process, seamlessly escalating high-priority tickets to experts. Teams no longer have to manually assign tickets with automated ticket routing.

Auto-Categorize Tickets

Manage tickets like a pro

Automatically sort your tickets into categories based on subject, priority, and customer history right from the start. Simplify your workflow and ensure that every ticket is immediately organized for quicker, more accurate handling. Say goodbye to manual sorting and embrace a more efficient way to manage customer queries.

ticket routing
ticket routing

Unified Ticket View

Avoid duplication by grouping identical tickets

Consolidate identical tickets from all channels into a single, centralized view. With a holistic perspective on customer issues, simplify resolution processes and ensure consistent responses across all touchpoints. Experience streamlined management and enhanced efficiency with our unified ticket aggregation feature.

Auto Issue Tagging

Tag tickets based on issues and sentiment

Every ticket has a reason. Kapture’s AI delves deep into each ticket with NLP, assigning precise subtags for effortless identification of multifaceted issues within the same ticket. 

Kapture detects customer sentiments and applies priorities to help you proactively improve service quality. Post ticket resolution, they are categorized for quality assurance, streamlining your process for consistently superior customer support.

automated ticket routing

Smarter Ticket Routing, Faster Resolving

ticket routing

Streamlined Workflows

Streamline your agents’ workflows with the automated ticket queue, ensuring urgent and important requests are addressed first, reducing time spent on manual selection and more on solving customer queries.

automated ticket routing

Track Tickets Better

A clear owner to each ticket makes it easier for you to track progress and collaborate internally, while reducing your time spent on operational tasks, and enhances customer satisfaction significantly.

ticket routing

Avoid Asking Again

When tickets are assigned to the right agent for the job, it avoids the need for customers to repeat their queries or other essential information again. Avoid redirecting your customers and solve their queries in the first go.


Connect Seamlessly to the Tools Your Teams Use Daily

Data is useless when it’s hard to access. Kapture integrates with the tools your teams use daily providing quick and easy access to customer insights. Unified visibility = better CX. Experience the power of 1000+ out-of-the-box Enterprise API integrations to centralize your support operations.

Scale with Confidence

Enterprise-grade Security & Compliance

Encrypt sensitive data and mask PHI/PPI information so that your support team can access only necessary information.

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