Learning Management System

Build learning experiences to onboard new employees. Uplevel existing workforce to stay competitive. Use an AI-led learning management system tailored for enterprises.

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Empower and Retain Talent

Consistently Upskill Your Workforce

Employees stay relevant and feel confident in their skills. You reduce employee churn and stay competitive with an evolving workforce.

Effortless Scaling & Personalization

Scale from 100 to 10,000 Employees

Configure personalized learning for diverse employee career paths. Use AI for efficient & scalable learning management.

Dynamic Upskilling, Customized Paths

Roll Out Modern & Personalized Learning Experiences

Build a dynamic and positive learning environment to encourage upskilling and reskilling in your workforce.

Make learning accessible & digital

Host learning material on the cloud. Enable employees to learn from anywhere using any device, even when they’re offline.

Respect learner knowledge level

Configure hierarchies in learning material to serve learners at various knowledge levels with appropriate training content.

Safeguard internal knowledge

Incentivize experienced employees to contribute to the knowledge base so that knowledge transfers are easy and continuous.

Gather learner feedback

Evolve your L&D processes and systems as per learner feedback. Make employees an active part of their skill development.

Automate learning workflows

Configure AI to automatically assign courses to employees based on a change in location, designation, or department.

Track skill development

Hold quizzes and assessments to measure skill development. Offer training to fill talent gaps and acquire fresh skills.

Gamify learning

Create learning paths, set up rewards systems, diversify content, and offer certifications to make learning more enjoyable for employees.

Make learning collaborative

Allow employees to lean sideways and collaborate with their peers to make learning a social activity they look forward to.

Case Study

StarQuik Fields 650+ Chats/Day

“Our customers prefer chat over call or email. We get around 650+ chat tickets from website and our mobile app per day. With Kapture Chat, our agents were able to handle several customers at the same time and were still able to offer personalized customer support experience.”

Head – Customer Care – StarQuik

Tailored Enterprise Learning

Get a Vertical-Focused Enterprise LMS

Depart from generic LMS with redundant features that don’t fit your enterprise. Kapture Learning Management System caters to large enterprises in specific industries.

Integrate seamlessly - LMS

Integrate seamlessly

Connect your Kapture LMS across your existing tech stack with 1,000+ easy API integrations.

Run powerful analytics - LMS

Run powerful analytics

Execute in-depth analytics on your organization’s learning data to spot upskilling trends, view location-wise learning performance, and uncover gaps.


Generate reports

Use 1,000+ reporting templates to easily generate reports to show growth in learning KPIs, satisfy stakeholders, and prove ROI.

Ensure security & compliance - LMS

Ensure security & compliance

Use privacy methods such as EKM, MFA, DLP, and role-based access controls. Achieve and prove compliance with GDPR, ISO, and HIPAA.

Get last-mile customizations - LMS

Get last-mile customizations

Make enterprise-focused Kapture LMS your own with last-mile customizations to fit your processes and requirements.

Use single sign-on - LMS

Use single sign-on

Simplify access to your LMS by unifying log-in credentials across the platform with single sign-on (SSO).

Enjoy the fastest go-live - LMS

Enjoy the fastest go-live

Kapture offers the fastest go-live in the industry, even as our implementation managers work on last-mile customizations for our LMS customers.


Boost employee retention

Help your employees visualize and progress on a career path through AI-powered learning. Improve employee satisfaction and retention.


High-fives From Industry Experts

Time and again, Kapture has been rated as a high performer on G2 and one of the most loved CX platforms on Gartner Peer Insights based on customer reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

A learning management software is a key tool for large enterprises to maintain talent competitiveness and evolve their workforce as per market dynamics. In any industry, enterprises need new employees to contribute to their growth sooner, making LMS a significant part of employee onboarding. Industries shapeshift rapidly due to technological advancements and other changes, meaning your workforce must keep learning to stay relevant.

Kapture LMS is a powerful tool for large enterprises to manage and configure learning experiences for:

  • Cybersecurity training
  • Marketing training
  • Compliance training
  • Workplace harassment training
  • Onboarding training
  • Customer training
  • Customer support training
  • Remote training for global enterprises
  • Sales training
  • Location-based training
  • Partner enablement training

An LMS houses learning data for employees to set and progress on their career paths, helping them develop and grow within the current organization. Powerful learning tools contribute directly to critical business KPIs by encouraging upskilling and reskilling in employees to adapt to market fluctuations and industry trends. And customers feel the difference between an organization that’s constantly innovating and one that’s stagnant.

Modern enterprise learning management systems must leverage innovative technologies such as AI/ML to make learning efficient and automated. For instance, a modern LMS can automatically trigger a learning workflow for a new employee based on their location, hierarchy within the company, department, and current skills. AI can help track skill development throughout an enterprise’s global locations and present data for decision making. AI can also inform an enterprise about which location is most suited to take up an innovative project based on its workforce’s skills.

Other must-have features include-

  • An easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Remote and offline accessibility
  • In-depth reporting and analytics
  • Gamification of learning
  • Collaborative learning capabilities

Kapture offers last-mile customizations so it fits your learning systems and processes. Our dedicated implementation managers assess your learning requirements before presenting a cost estimate to you. That said, our customers make a healthy ROI as Kapture LMS swiftly becomes a part of your enterprise and fulfills learning needs.

Kapture offers the fastest go-live in the industry, even as we provide last-mile customizations to our customers. The specific timeline of implementation depends on the scope and complexity of your learning needs. Our implementation managers will assess your LMS requirements before providing a timeline estimate.

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