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Built on billions of customer interactions and powerful technology, Kapture’s AI understands the importance of customer and employee experiences and offers you personalized support to start making a difference right away.

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The Next Horizon in Customer Experience

Spark Conversations That Matter

Dive into deeply personalized and purposeful exchanges with customers on their favorite channels.  Turn every interaction into an opportunity.

Supercharge Your Agents

Slash the hours that agents spend on repetitive and mundane tasks. Empower them to create valuable relationships that drive revenue growth.

Create Exceptional Interactions

Gain deeper insights and offer proactive resolutions. Make data-driven decisions to foster an unparalleled customer-centric approach.

KAI for Email & Chat

Elevate customer experiences one interaction at a time

Instant, Accurate, Effortless – KAI combines advanced ML and NLP to elevate your customer service. Built on billions of conversations, it is designed for precision and efficiency in chat and email support.

  • KAI delves deep into your data, providing exact answers to customer queries, ensuring every response is informed and on point.
  • Make every customer feel valued. Engage in natural conversations and make every interaction meaningful.
  • KAI doesn’t just respond; it guides. Navigate customers through a series of steps based on predefined rules – perfect for applications where clear, directive paths are needed.

Kapture Knowledge

Ensure no query goes unresolved

Kapture Knowledge is your solution to the ever-growing challenges of increased response times, agent overload, and slipping satisfaction scores.

  • Provide instant access to critical information and significantly reduce support tickets. 
  • Transform countless documents and web links into dynamic FAQs and articles with ease, fueling a powerful question-answering system.
  • Deliver precise, context-aware, intelligent answers to customer queries on-the-go.

Ticket Deflection

Resolve a ticket before it’s created

Imagine a world where customer issues are resolved before they even become tickets. With Ticket Deflection, that world is now a reality.

  • KAI proactively anticipates customer needs, intelligently analyzing queries in real-time to prevent ticket creation.
  • Direct customers to the right support articles and offer instant resolutions. 
  • Minimize direct agent involvement, freeing up your team to concentrate on issues that truly matter.

Intelligent Auto-Response

Respond to customers reaching out from anywhere

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when customers reach out to you via social platforms. Instant, thoughtful responses are not just appreciated; they’re expected. Enter Intelligent Auto-Response by KAI – your solution to being where your customers are.

  • Facebook, WhatsApp, and beyond, KAI ensures no query goes unanswered, offering timely assistance across all channels.
  • KAI crafts intelligent responses by leveraging insights from past customer interactions and a vast knowledge base. 
  • Integrate KAI flawlessly with your existing setup, enhancing support without disrupting your workflow.

Smart Ticket Assignment

Assigning tickets has never been easier

Managing customer tickets can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. With Smart Ticket Assignment, powered by KAI, ticket distribution is not just easy—it’s intelligent.

  • Auto-categorize tickets by subject, priority, and customer history, streamlining your workflow from the get-go.
  • Directs tickets to the most suitable agent based on skills, workload, and priority, using real-time assessment and adaptive learning. 
  • Aggregates identical tickets from various channels to offer a centralized, holistic view.
generative ai customer support

Agent Assist

Give your agents the assistant they need

Every second and every interaction counts. Assistant KAI is here to ensure your agents have the edge they need to deliver outstanding service. 

  • Sifts through extensive customer interactions, pinpointing and summarizing crucial information, so your agents have all that they need at a glance.
  • Features like Dynamic Response Guide, Tone Suggestion, Magic Reply, and Elaborate Text, equips your agents to offer accurate responses that are also empathetic and engaging, tailored perfectly to each customer’s needs.
  • Profanity Detection ensures your customer service remains a professional and respectful space, safeguarding the quality of your interactions.

KAI Co-Pilot

Let your agents fly high with Co-Pilot KAI on their side

Imagine having your wingman listen in on chats in real-time, nudging you with smart action tips and messages that just click with what the customer needs. With Co-pilot KAI, support isn’t just quicker; connections are deeper. 

  • Get contextual and intelligent suggestions on your next step to resolve queries faster than ever. 
  • With advanced ML and NLP, Co-pilot KAI dynamically crafts responses with customer-specific insights, ensuring every reply is deeply personalized.
  • Co-pilot KAI learns from every agent’s response. A perpetual cycle of learning and adaptation means KAI gets smarter with every interaction.

Ticket Recap and Smart QA

KAI doesn’t stop once a ticket is closed

KAI turns ticket closure into an opportunity for improvement and efficiency. It’s not just about completing tasks faster; it’s about making the entire process better.

  • Use KAI’s advanced algorithms to generate comprehensive and precise summaries for every ticket closure. Gain valuable insights at a glance, ensuring nothing important is missed.
  • Transition from manual to automated quality assurance with KAI’s AI-driven ticket assessments. With Smart QA, experience a tailored, consistent evaluation process that eliminates guesswork and oversight.


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Data is useless when it’s hard to access. Kapture integrates with the tools your teams use daily providing quick and easy access to customer insights. Unified visibility = better CX. Experience the power of 1000+ out-of-the-box Enterprise API integrations to centralize your support operations.

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