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A customer self-service portal is a platform that enables organizations to deliver customer help on a large scale by allowing consumers to solve their own problems rather than depending on direct engagement with a customer care representative.


Contextually superior in every way

Customer self-service tools

Features that help you create a customer-centric self-service system to empower customers to find solutions on their own.
AI-powered bot

Contextually Intelligent Resolutions

AI chatbots are extremely effective at assisting customers 24 hours a day, automatically resolving issues without human interaction, and providing help to several customers at the same time.


Why choose Kapture Self serve?

Build a self-serve portal for your customers and enjoy the benefits that can help you grow your business

Side conversations

Start a conversation with a third party about a customer’s issue without leaving the platform and keeping it connected with the ticket raised by the customer.


Simple and easy to use

Effortless user interface for your agents so that they can resolve customer queries quickly and efficiently.


Plug and play integrations

Seamless and fast integration with all third-party platforms for a better customer experience


Dedicated account managers

A manager that delivers 24/7 customer support to you and gives personal attention to all your issues and queries.


Single Sign-on

Access all the required information via a single platform for a smooth learning process.


Smart escalation matrix

Assigns the tickets to the specialist agent to resolve the customer’s issue quickly and smoothly.

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1000+ enterprise customers globally love Kapture

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What is customer self service?


Customer self-service refers to any action in which the customer accomplishes work on their own without the aid of customer support agent. Customers choosing their own goods to browsing an online help centre for solutions to their problems are all examples of self-service.


What are few Customer self service benefits to your business?


Here are list of some benefits that you get after implementing a customer self serve portal in your customer service.

- Cost Reduction
- Faster Service
- Reduce Customer Churn Rate
- Self-Help Option
- Improve Customer Satisfaction


What are some examples of self service that you can implement in your business?


Some examples of self service methods are-

- FAQ page
- Knowledge base or help center content
- Community forum
- Mobile app
- AI-powered chat and messaging
- Automated call center


What can be called as a good customer self service portal?


The listed below can called as sign of good customer self service portal-

- Customers get faster access to the answers and information they require.
- Customers may take control of their experience by making adjustments without having to call or email.
- When required, provides a simple method to contact a live customer care personnel.
- Allows customer support representatives to answer more complicated queries and engage in more meaningful discussions.