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Personalization at Every Level

Communication is the key to resolution, and when it’s personalized, it goes a really long way. Kapture’s B2B interaction management organizes all points of contact with job titles and makes every interaction extremely personalized. This ensures that your agents are equipped with relevant information helping them deliver exceptional customer experience and solutions that add value resulting in LTV (Lifetime Value).

POC Management

Kapture’s B2B interaction management is more than just managing customer queries. It’s an intelligent platform that brings together interactions from different platforms, manages existing customer relationships, offers business insights and so much more. This helps agents offer custom and personalized solutions which work for both the customer and the business as a whole.

B2B Interaction Management

Account Management

Building new customer relationships is difficult but managing and improving existing customer relationships is even more complex. From order information to customer preferences, Kapture offers key insights you need to help, support and delight your customers.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management is a crucial component of every business. Organize, monitor and improve relationships with your stakeholders through complete analysis of needs and expectations, offering solutions to engage with them.

Post-Purchase Support

B2B customers require frequent assistance, especially after purchase. All conversations, orders placed in the past/existing/ongoing, different points of contact with job roles, tickets raised in the past, past payments, mode of payments, etc. are organized under one ticket so offering support is easier and quicker.

Opportunity Management

Managing opportunities from existing clients can be a bit complex. With Kapture, you can create stages based on buyer behavior to define objectives and help them make a well-informed buying decision.

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