How Kapture CX Outshines DIY AI

OpenAI has revolutionized the way companies think about AI. What was once considered a mysterious, unfathomable technology is now being integrated into most organizations, across different verticals and use cases.

OpenAI’s APIs have made it relatively easy for organizations to experiment and build their own DIY AI applications with varying success rates. For example, in the world of customer support & experience, AI is playing a big part in reducing costs, improving resolution times, better triaging critical complaints/requests, and much more.
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AI Innovations in the CX Space

Klarna, the financial services company, for example, has launched their own AI assistant, built off OpenAI APIs, and has been able to significantly reduce their reliance on human service agents, projecting substantial savings as a result.

Their bot is able to process & resolve roughly 2/3rds of their incoming requests and complaints, offering condensed & simple versions of their FAQs & help documents. It’s also equipped with widgets for ‘returns’ or ‘payments’ to enable easy self-serve.

Experts in the conversational commerce space claim that Klarna’s bot “has more to do with great UX than great AI… It’s like a modern IVR, text first” referencing the bot’s proclivity to summarize & conversationalize FAQs and self-help documents based on users’ intent, detected using OpenAI’s APIs.
They’ve essentially managed to automate L1 Support – a measure akin to how low-level inquiries were automated with IVR.

Building your own DIY AI assistant using platforms like OpenAI holds a certain appeal. The flexibility to customize, the thrill of innovation, and the potential cost savings are all enticing factors. With OpenAI’s powerful models and extensive capabilities, the sky seems to be the limit. 

However, not every business has the luxury of having the time & resources to build their own DIY AI chatbot. Additionally, an ecosystem of CX automation solutions offers much more than a standalone AI chatbot.

The Reality of Building your Own Customer Support Solution

While the prospect of creating a bespoke AI assistant may seem attractive, the road to implementation is often fraught with challenges.

1. Complexity

Developing an AI assistant from scratch requires a deep understanding of AI principles, programming languages, and model training techniques. It’s a complex and time-consuming process that demands expertise.

2 . Resource-Intensive

From acquiring and cleaning data to training and fine-tuning models, building an AI assistant is resource-intensive. It requires a dedicated team of data scientists, developers, and AI experts.

3. Prohibitive Costs

The cost of building and maintaining a custom AI solution can quickly escalate. Factor in the salaries of skilled professionals, infrastructure costs, and ongoing updates, and the DIY AI route becomes a significant investment. 

4. Time-Consuming

Developing a robust AI assistant is not a quick endeavor. It involves iterative testing, debugging, and refining, which can delay time-to-market significantly.

When it comes to the customer experience, no business can afford to get things wrong. Customers have more options than ever, and they don’t shy away from talking about negative (and indeed, positive) experiences on social media, influencing countless others.

So, it’s imperative to make the right decision for your business’ customer support & experience management.

Here’s how Kapture trumps DIY AI CX applications?

1. Ready-out-of-the-Box

With Kapture, you get a fully functional AI-powered assistant that is ready to use from day one. No need to spend months in development—simply plug and play.

2. Customization Without Complexity

While Kapture is ready-made, it also offers ample room for customization. Tailor the AI assistant to suit your specific business needs without the headache of starting from scratch.

3. Vertical Excellence

Kapture’s close engagements with pioneers from industries such as retail, consumer durables, BFSI, and travel, have helped hone CX offerings to near perfection.
While 80% of our solution is ready-to-go, customizations typically needed for vertical-specificity are built & deployed with ease.

What’s more, Kapture’s LLMs are trained on contextual data for each industry, ensuring greater quality support.

4. Cost-Efficient

Say goodbye to the hefty upfront costs of building your own AI solution. Kapture offers flexible pricing plans that suit businesses of all sizes, with no hidden infrastructure costs.

5. Industry Intelligence

Kapture has fine-tuned its offerings over several years, and boasts unmatched feature-rich applications. E.g., the decision of AI chatbots to determine when to hand over a conversation to a human agent is crucial in dealing with unpredictable situations or difficult customers.

6. Organically-Built Ecosystem

Kapture has been where you are, at the beginning of a process of building AI-enabled applications for CX. We’ve built an ecosystem of CX solutions that are perfectly integrated and ready to help you transform your customers’ experience.

It doesn’t get better than that. So, why try to do it yourself?

7. Expert Support

When you choose Kapture, you’re not just getting a product—you’re gaining a team of experts dedicated to your success. From onboarding to ongoing support, we’re with you every step of the way.

8. Startup- & Enterprise-friendly Pricing

Kapture’s solutions are priced reasonably & appropriately to ensure all organizations, big or small, can establish a world-class customer support & experience function. Talk to us to get a comprehensive quote for your needs.

9. Proven Performance

Kapture’s AI assistant has a track record of delivering results. From improved customer satisfaction to streamlined operations, our solution has helped businesses across industries achieve their goals.

And what’s more, Kapture has also leveraged OpenAI’s APIs to refine & perfect our own generative AI-powered chatbot, integrated with the rest of our best-in-class ecosystem.

So, book a demo with our tech experts, and get ready to Kapture your customers’ hearts & minds.

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