What is Social CRM? How can it Benefit Your Business?

What is Social CRM & How can Benefit Your Business

Don’t you all crave for that extraordinary customer service every time you interact with any businesses? That urge and expectation from them to understand and filter options automatically based on your behavioral patterns and browsing habits. 

Modern customer expectations have changed as a result of technological advancements, particularly in the areas of communication and social media. 

Social media platforms, with over 3 billion active users, spend time exploring, sharing their interests every day, where consumers come across brands and become loyal customers.

Hence, nowadays it is absolutely vital for businesses to have a solid social media strategy to expand their reach, visibility, and retain customers.

What is Social CRM?

Social CRM software simply refers to the integration of social media and customer relationship management software. It allows businesses to leverage social media data to analyze and engage customers, and to develop stronger customer relationships, generate new leads, and provide better customer service.

Because of the fast adoption of social media, social CRM is becoming more popular as a tool for businesses to better understand their consumers’ preferences and needs. It also enables businesses to raise brand awareness, communicate with customers, quickly respond to inquiries and concerns, and boost sales. 

The social CRM software carries a unique benefit across all customer interactions by allowing you to centralize all forms of communication. It just doesn’t deal with data and information but rather with conversations and relationships. 

Importance of CRM integration with Social Media

According to Erik Qualman, “We don’t have a choice on whether we Do social media, the question is how well we Do it.”

Source: Frugalbusiness 

Social media users learn everything they need to know about products and businesses by interacting with peers, industry experts, and influencers online. 

The social media CRM tool will help transform customer data into strategies, identify essential information and keep your team updated about the new trends. 

 The social media CRM software allows you to assign responsibilities and regulate who has access to what. It directs you to track how your brand is perceived by analyzing social media interactions such as comments, posts, likes, tweets, retweets, messages, and mentions. 

This integration will help businesses with research and development as the social analytical capabilities in CRM become more sophisticated. The following aspects can easily justify the need for CRM social media integration:

  • Engagement: Companies can use CRM to directly communicate with consumers and prospects on social media.
  • Social Selling: Professionals can use social media data and behaviors to evaluate new leads. 
  • Customer Service: CRM allows businesses to recognize and respond to customer complaints and queries in real-time. 
  • Understand True Value: Fully comprehends the importance of a social lead over time with a clear understanding of what social interactions look like. This will assist you in budgeting for social media, especially for the money you intend to spend on social media advertisements.
  • Create Custom Audiences: CRM helps you identify who your customers are. Hence a lookalike audience focused on customers who have already made a purchase from you is more likely to result in conversions.
  • Timely Response: The real-time data updates in the CRM enables your support team to respond quickly to all your customer interactions, hence creating an impressive customer experience. 

Benefits of Social Media CRM

A CRM strategy that excludes social media could seriously harm your business. Tracking, benchmarking, and engaging with customers via their preferred channel is made easy by integrating CRM and social media networks.

Here are a few benefits of crm social media integration that will nudge you in the right direction: 

1. Empower Your Support System

Your CRM provides your customer service representatives with the information they need to diagnose customer issues and provide prompt solutions.

Social media provides insights into leads and customer demographics which significantly speeds up the sale process along with an eye to cast upon potential leads likely to make purchases. 

Kapture’s Reporting and Analytics feature lets your customer service leadership proactively monitor feedback and customer sentiment. Your team can easily identify trends and conversations happening around your brand and get real-time market data. 

2. Omnichannel Experience

Source: Kapture

Social CRM unifies all the customer interactions across multiple social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, and provides a complete view of customer profiles on a single software. This leads to proper identification and segmentation of customers based on: 

  • Buying pattern
  • Queries
  • Product holding
  • Feedbacks

The CRM software will deeply integrate with social media and present queries from different channels to a unified dashboard for convenient and faster resolution, hence offering streamlined customer service. 

Kapture’s omnichannel feature gathers everything ranging from comments on posts to DMs from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc on a single dashboard. 

3. Faster Response

The present generation of millennials does not like to wait around even for a minute. Therefore, it is vital that you as a brand must always be up on your toes, ready to answer all their queries and requirements. 

A CRM allows your customer service team to address all the queries coming in from various social media platforms through the software itself. This saves time as they don’t need to navigate between these applications and can directly respond from a single window enabling faster response time. 

This contributes to providing excellent customer service, customer retention, and brand loyalty. Customers are also more likely to share excellent customer experiences on social media sites, enhancing brand visibility.

4. Build Relationships

Social media CRM tools offer insightful information into what makes your target audience click by bringing in real-time data. This data will help your teams provide a personalized and reliable customer experience to potential consumers. 

CRM enables you to establish and maintain meaningful conversations with your customers, establishing a stronger relationship and humanizing your brand. It lets your agents provide active ad real-time responses to not just customers’ queries but even recognize their appreciation and experience as a whole. 

All the interactions on your social media allows you to take advantage in understanding your customers and serve them with the best in your power. 

5. Automation

Social Media automation lets you stay connected with the entire world on a single platform. Monitor and respond timely to every DMs and comments. The social media CRM software distributes the tickets to the right and dedicated team to skillfully address all your social queries. 

Automation helps eliminate the possibility of manual errors and lets you automate tasks as per your business requirements, hence saving time and effort. Filtering and categorizing important and relevant customer data becomes easier than before. 

6. Single Sign-On 

Single sign-on combines multiple application login windows into a single one. It’s an authentication service that lets your agents securely log in to several social media apps and websites with a single set of credentials.

With everything available in a single window, this CRM feature will make your agent’s life easier than ever before by enhancing their performance along with taking care of  security. 

7. Improve Customer Experience

With all the Interactions from different social media platforms consolidated in one place, your agents get a clear picture of what people want hence, empowering them to strive towards improving customer experience. 

Social CRM provides a 360-degree holistic view of what trends on social media and provides insights on how to improve your business as a whole. It directs you with the ability to outstand your competitors by offering a top-notch customer service experience, which helps in building new clientele and retaining your existing ones forever. 

Address & Engage With All Your Social Media Interactions Using Kapture

Provide positive customer service via social media interactions. The social media CRM integration will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your customer’s habits and choices, enabling you to perform exceptionally well. 

Offer your customers to reach out to you through any social media platform they want. Kapture’s omnichannel feature brings all these interactions on a single dashboard. 

Kapture One Suite is a SaaS-based single sign-on platform that is simple and easy to use. It can integrate with 1000+ APIs extensively and seamlessly to give users an exceptional single sign-on experience.

With 1000+ reporting and analytics templates available, Kapture allows you to get insights on multiple parameters and lets you focus on the required changes and  enhance your customer service experience.

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