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Ensure smooth flow of tickets between relevant teams

Create logics that can auto-assign queries to the right teams. Set predefined rules to prioritize overdue requests, and escalate tickets to team leads and superiors when SLAs are breached.


Provide the best assistance for your internal help desk team

Quick and easy resolution of queries
Internal Requests

Raise tickets for any type of requests including laptop issues, software upgrades, travel claims reimbursements, etc. from a single place.

Integrate all your platforms on Kapture
Track Status

Employees can keep track of the ticket status from the comfort of their own desks. Raise a flag to escalate tickets for pending issues. Get instant notifications as soon as the ticket is resolved.

Manage Escalations with Ease
API Integrations

Integrate Kapture with enterprise systems for ERP, HR, and accounting or with other intranets. Facilitate seamless connectivity across applications, data, and devices.

360-Degree Customer View
In-built Communication Platform

Communicate with the designated agent by initiating a chat right from the ticket page. Kapture provides the ideal platform for quick resolutions with the in-built chat feature.

Machine Learning Enabled
Knowledge Portal

Set up a knowledge bank for employees to resolve queries on their own. Employees can refer to company policies, catalogues, videos and more, at any time.


We received an average of 12,000 queries per month in the form of calls and emails and Kapture helped make it seem as though there weren’t as many; as managing, prioritising and resolving tickets on a single application helped our team increase our first-call resolutions and improved our average TAT– which has now decreased to just 20 minutes from more than an hour!


Abhishek Yadav, Manager

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