How to Select The Best Cloud Telephony for your Customer Support

The Best Cloud Telephony for your Customer Support

As a company grows, communication becomes its biggest challenge.”
Ben Horowitz

Managing business calls is one such business operation that requires undivided human attention and a dedicated workforce. Your traditional PBX phone system will not be able to fulfill the communication demands of today’s business communications. This is where cloud telephony comes in.

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a type of communication service that offers voice communication services through a third-party host. These services replace the need for conventional telephone systems.

Since the system is connected to the internet, it can assist you in migrating your company’s phone service to the cloud (internet). UCaas (Unified Communications as a Service) is a form of cloud telephony that connects various communication technologies.

You won’t only be relocating your phone calls to the cloud with cloud telephony; you’ll also be linking them with video meetings, instant messaging, CRM, and other business operations.

The Top 10 Cloud Telephony Providers in India and How to Choose Them

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Why do you need cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony simplifies your business communications and can be expanded to meet your specific requirements. Unlike regular telephone networks, these are quick to set up and require no infrastructure. These systems are very simple to combine with your current CX or other corporate software.

Cloud telephony allows your employees to communicate with customers from any location. To connect with clients, they don’t need to be confined to a desk. Cloud telephony promotes efficiency for both your customers and your business, allowing you to build long-term partnerships with both.

Employee productivity and consumer satisfaction both rise as a result of this.

No matter the size of your organization, cloud telephony is an efficient, cost-effective, and flexible business communication solution.

How to select the best cloud telephony providers

Now that you understand how cloud telephony works and why your business should use it, here are a few things to keep in mind before selecting a cloud telephony provider:

1 . Service quality and proven reliability

Top cloud telephony providers offer excellent and reliable customer support. This feature is hosted, implemented, and serviced by the cloud telephony companies themselves.

So it makes sense to check their reliability and after-sales service. Choosing a provider that is cheap but unreliable can lead to a lot of downtime for your business in the future.

2. Convenient and efficient implementation

Setting up the cloud telephony system should be an easy and convenient process. There shouldn’t be any issues while integrating the system with your other business systems.

Businesses must ensure that their cloud telephony providers offer off-the-shelf integrations with third-party software as well as flexible APIs (application programming interfaces) for custom integration based on individual customer requirements

3 . Security and industry compliance

One of the very important points to look at while choosing the best cloud telephony service is Security.

This is a major reason why businesses choose not to move their business communications to the cloud.

Check whether cloud telephony companies that you’re considering have encryption technologies and security policies in place. The best cloud telephony service providers usually have 256 SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and regulatory compliance certificates.

4 . Scalability

Top cloud telephony providers will enable you to grow seamlessly. Cloud telephony allows you to add more users or agents with just a few clicks

Cloud telephony systems, unlike traditional PBX systems, allow you to add and delete lines as needed. Your cloud telephony providers should be able to readily manage this flexibility in scaling your company communication system according to your needs.

5 . Cost-Efficiency

When it comes to choosing a new service or product for your organization, the cost of establishing any new system will always be a major consideration. Investigating all prices, including hidden ones, and comparing them among the various cloud telephony providers will help you determine your budget and the size of the system you’ll need.

Depending on the products and services that a provider provides, their packages may vary considerably. So, before putting a cloud telephony company into your organization, picking cloud telephony firms that best meet your budget and needs is critical.

6 . Fast and efficient customer support

A positive customer experience is the aim of all businesses. So, you should also choose a  provider that values its customers. Choose a provider that delivers excellent customer service and support. 

They should be able to assist you with designing solutions, implementation, and onboarding. The maintenance and management of your communication systems should be done efficiently and effectively.

The best cloud telephony service providers generally publicize their performance metrics. They typically assign dedicated managers for each customer account and provide 24/7 customer support.

Top 10 best cloud telephony providers available in the market

Now that you know what you should look out for while shopping around for the best cloud telephony service for your company, listed below are the 10 top cloud telephony providers in India.

1. RingCentral

Trusted by over 350,000 businesses, RingCentral provides 100+ premium features. It can help you set up an entire office within a day.  They offer a comprehensive set of features included as standard, including call logging, monitoring, recording, and online faxing. 

It also offers HD voice and audio conferencing through mobile devices, as well as team collaboration through screen sharing and HD video for both tasks and video conferencing.

Through services like unlimited calls, SMS, conferencing, etc. you can easily adapt to fluctuations in the business environment and customize your phone system through an online account.

2. Nextiva

Nextiva is a cloud-based system that can be used from multiple locations simultaneously for various branches of an organization but can still be managed from a single platform. Nextiva offers free trials for a period of 30 days. It offers 3 plans: Office Pro, Office Pro Plus, and Office Enterprise. 

3. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a great virtual phone solution for entrepreneurs and small business owners. You can get a virtual phone system for your small business at an affordable price. With features like custom greetings, extensions, and call handling – all designed to meet the needs of businesses with limited resources.

Grasshopper offers three plans with up to five phone numbers and unlimited extensions. It’s only drawback is that it lacks seamless integration. Even then, it is an excellent solution for small growing businesses.

4. Exotel

Exotel allows omnichannel customer support. You will be able to interact with your customers through various channels like phone, Twitter, email, etc. It gives a 15-day free trial and calls on credit. It also lets businesses manage and assess agent performances through call recording and call conferencing features.

5. Fonebell

Fonebell offers comprehensive communication solutions to help meet customer expectations and sound professional. Their reliable on-premise communication tools establish smooth communication within the organization to boost business productivity.

Audio conferencing, automatic call transfer, call audit, call queues, infinite queues, agent login/out without reason, queue reporting, skill-based routing, and call recording are among the features available.

6. Ameyo

Ameyo is a powerful and flexible IP-based contact center software from Drishti-Soft Solutions. It lets you have personalized interactions with your customers across multiple channels.

Among its features are: auto call distributor, virtual queue management, IVR, missed call alert, call recording, voice blaster, VQ pass, etc.

7. Ozonetel

Ozonetel believes in building brands on intelligent cloud telephony solutions.  It also believes that communication doesn’t have to be as complex as it is. Their core offerings ‘CloudAgent’ and ‘Brand Agent’, redefine, simplify, and enhance how you communicate, connect, and engage with your customers.

Their features include web-based IVR solutions, easy-to-configure messages, text-to-speech conversion, multi-level IVR systems, mobility, skill-based routing, priority routing, barge-in, and call monitoring, real-time dashboards, and reports.

8. Mcube

MCUBE focuses on delivering best-in-class cloud telephony solutions by employing a unique blend of creative and strategic minds with the best of industry-leading technologies. 

Their feature list includes IVR, toll-free numbers, auto dialler, call record analytics, missed call service, number masking, hold music, call recording analytics, CX integration, virtual receptionist, and click-to-call.

9. Knowlarity

Knowlarity provides solutions that have been crafted to meet business communication needs, regardless of their size. Through features like language selection, voice recordings, etc., you can create a personal experience for your customers.

These recordings can also be customized depending on whether the caller is a first-time caller or a repeat caller.

10. Microtel

Microtel enables people to reach each other, and businesses to find new markets and fulfill their potential. Their features include text-to-speech, read/write IVR data into an uploaded excel sheet, DTMF, call transfer, web API call, conference, multilingual greetings, etc.

Cloud Telephony Integration with Kapture

We all know the benefits of effective and efficient communication systems for a business. Integrating a cloud telephony system with your CX allows for more flexibility and higher employee productivity. This will no doubt lead to a more enhanced customer experience.

Kapture can help you strengthen your business communication processes. This partnership between your cloud telephony provider and the contact centre can let you design and implement effective call routing strategies and customer interaction processes for your organization.

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