3 Things You Can Do to Improve C.S.A.T Scores Like A Boss


Excellent customer support that which boggles the minds of the end user on how awesome his experience was with the agent is a journey you need to undertake whilst building your business.

The feedback loop is an essential ingredient for creating a support operation par excellence. Yet if your short term validation is just in the form of tickets closed and lower call handle times, your entire idea of support teams building relationships that outlast a single purchase and morph into a long-lasting fandom that brings more and more customers into your funnel because of the wonderful way with which you treat them – might be in jeopardy.

What is a C.S.A.T Score?

Listen up, your end game goal may be to close out tickets, but you must teach your support team to do it with finesse by offering solutions that bring in the element of a human interaction that can forge iron relations that make your customers smile again and again.

The ideal time to get this feeling in their heads is right after an interaction, mix up a request of feedback through IVR’S an automated message in chatbots and you’ve got the golden goose that lays feedback on feedback on feedback.




A frown turned upside down must be the goal of an agent analyzing and solving tickets from your customers.

He does this by;

1 – Smiling and sitting upright while answering a phone call

2 – Adding personality to his emails so that the customer reads words written by a human and not a robot. He must get used to writing like he talks so that the same feeling is transmuted via words.

3 – SLA’S must be the numbers that tempt your agents into action. Chats especially need shorter and more fluid responses so that they seem short, sweet and hyper-specific to the problem at hand.

3 – Social tickets can seem simple to dismiss, but your brand’s reputation is at risk if the ticket raised is by an angry customer. Apologize for the inconvenience and empower your agents with discount coupons and refund powers to appease fuming buyers.



Looking at your numbers on a weekly and bi-monthly basis – targeting key metrics of average call handle times, tickets pending vs those resolved and calls answered vs those dropped can show you how to navigate feedback needed for your team to improve their interactions.

Solid data-driven decision making will yield cold hard evidence of where you fall flat and where you stand tall and C.S.A.T scores are the best indication of whether your good numbers are in proportion to customer satisfaction or not.

Good Numbers = Great Customer service is a myth. Measure your C.S.A.T scores constantly and you will see that all of the data in the form of productivity of agents never matches the satisfaction rating that you feel your team should reach for.



The force of good is felt in one’s energy when you speak to them in person, but good over the phone means, fix that voice.

By fixing the way your agents answer calls – means making sure that;

1 – They answer the phone with a warm greeting like “Good Morning, My name is Alexis, How may I help you today?”

2 – The agent must listen more and talk less showing the customer that they can vent out any frustrations they feel with the product or service and the agent will give them the resolution required to make it all ok.

3 – Apologies. Apologizing first and then resolving next disarms a pissed off the customer and turns them into putty, helping you get those scores up to where you want them

4 – Summarize. At the end of a call summarizing the solution that you just provided ensures that your agents are on the same platform as the customer helping you weed out unnecessary fallbacks on tickets that need to stay open due to a lack of understanding.

CONCLUSION – The Ultimate Way To Improve Your C.S.A.T Score

Marketers often buy the product related to their company before creating a plan, because they want to see the buyer’s journey that converts and turns customers into repeat buyers.

Support operations can be fruitful to study, grab a pen and paper and begin using services and raising complaints. Study companies that blow you away with their kind and more effective responses, put that into a folder and share it with your team.


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