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All services related to your products that your field technicians perform for your customers are named field service CRM. The field team mainly comprises contractors, field technicians, service engineers, etc. For sectors like consumer durables that require installation services, system repairs, annual maintenance or other equipment services is where field service plays an important role.

Field Service CRM

Field service is as important as customer service as field technicians come in contact with the customers at some point in the customer’s journey. Therefore, businesses must manage and streamline their field service efficiently. What companies need today is efficient Field Service Management Software.

What is Field Service Management Software

Field service management typically involves managing all the field service operations seamlessly. Assigning tickets to field agents, facilitating teams to manage reimbursements, keep a tab on field visits, etc. are some of the processes to focus on while managing field operations.

Field Service Management Software

To streamline this process and manage seamless field service operations, Kapture CRM provides intelligent Field service management software. It automates all processes related to field service and keeps track of all field agents, their performance, tasks, and facilitates a high-defined customer experience. In addition to boosting agent productivity, efficient FSM software also saves a lot of time and effort for employees as well as customers. Manage your field team and enjoy a hassle-free onsite service by leveraging Kapture’s intelligent FSM software.

Benefits of FSM Software

Some of the most significant benefits of Kapture’s Field Service Management software include

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Boost productivity with Automation: By providing intelligent tools and smart features to manage your field operations Management System a FSM software enhances your business’s operational efficiency and boosts agent productivity.

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Manage communication Via Mobile App: With a field force mobile application in hand, keeping a track of your agents on the field is a seamless task. Your agents can easily log in and logout from the field, at the customer’s location, receive notification for a ticket, create invoices, update reports, find locations, and perform much more tasks easily.

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Spare Parts Management: Consider that your field technicians are on the field providing service to your customers. Using a mobile application, they can take pictures of the product, manage spare parts used for the service request and provide flawless service.

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Seamlessly solve customer problems: With efficient FSM software, it’s easy for field agents to access all information and data they need about a customer, product and warranty information. By understanding the context of the issue completely field technicians can easily solve customer pain points.

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Always Stay Updated: Never miss out on a single update and always stay updated with daily service plans, push-up notifications, and other shared data on the cloud FSM platform.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction Icon

Enhance customer satisfaction with timely service: Your field agents are the one who meets your potential customer’s needs face-to-face. With updated service plans and details of buyers’ journey, service agents can easily provide timely accurate, and efficient service.

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Better coordination and teamwork: You can always help your field agents anytime when they are meeting a customer’s demands on the field. By providing centralized access to data, documents, updates, resources, and access to mobile application FSM software can build your team’s coordination for the better.

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Real-Time Data: Get access to real-time data with Kapture’s cloud FSM software and keep a track of your agent’s performance and productivity on the field.

Feedback Management Icon

Feedback Management: Feedbacks are necessary for businesses to grow ahead and be on their customer’s favorite list. Once the service is completed, customer receives a feedback form through Email or SMS. This way field technicians can understand what are the things that they have to improve next time.

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Payment Gateway: Also, if there are any applicable or extra charges in the service, field technicians can easily send a payment gateway link to customers where they can directly pay without any hassles.

Why Choose Kapture’s FSM Software

Field technicians are the real touch-points between your business and potential customers, and facilitating them with sufficient tools to provide seamless customer support is an imperative process. Kapture’s intelligent Field Service management software is designed to suit every business intelligence strategy. It is efficient, reliable, and flexible with a plethora of customized features. Here are a few prominent reasons for you to choose Kapture’s FSM software.

Service Management Software

Easy Implementation

Forget the hassle of switching to Kapture CRM and the implementation process. With a dedicated implementation team, Kapture makes the work easy and hassle-free.

High Compatibility

High Compatibility

Compatibility is a must-feature for every CRM. However, Kapture is compatible with your Google, MS Azure, and AWS making it the best option available today.

Easy Implementation of CRM

Flexible Pricing and Customization

Kapture’s field service management software can be deployed across businesses of all sectors. With our flexible pricing plans, we facilitate businesses with a favorable option.

Better Service, Better Performance

Field Service Management System

According to Verizon Connect, “96% of companies that use GPS fleet tracking software find it beneficial”

By deploying an efficient Field Service Management Software your business can increase its performance, which will eventually increase service and boost ROI. The service team can assign a field agent to the incident site based on incident priority, customer location, and agent availability. Offer your customers prompt service, receive feedback from customers for the services rendered and help your field support agents improve based on the feedback received.

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