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An effective D2C CRM looks at retaining customers over acquiring new ones because that is the measure of a company’s success, notwithstanding the fact that it also drastically reduces costs. Which is why at Kapture, we help to build lasting customer relationships in the D2C business world by providing personalized quality service, effective communication and offering innovative products and services.

Our intelligent D2C CRM knows your customer’s history, can anticipate needs, provides reliable support and a comprehensive view of report and analytics — whether it’s a self-service website, quick online chat or a friendly voice on the phone.

Kapture CRM can make all of this, and much more, possible - on a consolidated platform.

Our Focus

We help to build lasting customer relationships in the D2C world by providing
Quality Services
Products & Services

How Can Kapture Help D2C Brands Evolve?

Better Customer Support And Service

Access amazing features at our contact center like multiple channel inquiry resolution, annual maintenance & warranty management, 360 customer information and contract extensions.

Self Serve Portal

Automate frequently requested service and support items from customers.

Cost Reduction

Reduce manpower while increasing the efficiency to handle more ticket volume.


Automated solutions to customer enquiry.


Reach out to customers from multiple social channels while closely observing interactions happening across all channels.

How Can We Manage Customer Relationships for Your D2C Brand?

Access Data That Helps You Personalize Customer Experiences

  • Learn from the data to generate relevant, meaningful and engaging customer experiences in a competitive landscape. Strong analytics help you understand consumer behaviour better.
  • Streamline customer data to resolve queries in the first customer-agent interaction itself - increasing the FCR rates and agent productivity.
  • Make data driven decisions - feasible yet powerful, in the interest of each customer.
  • Build personalized customer experiences determined by machine learning knowledge pertaining to - personal details, order history, queries raised, past tickets and transactions.

Simple UI Navigation

  • Empower your helpdesk agents by providing them with a simplified, significant and knowledge base CRM dashboard so that task alignment and ticket resolution is a smooth and happy process.
  • Use Kapture’s new UI that is easy to navigate and even easier to understand. Every possible option/feature that the agent requires to close a query is clearly available and visible on the dashboard.
  • Save significantly while compensating for the requirement of intermediaries, in a productive and hassle-free manner to retain customers in the longer run.

Seamless Integrations

  • Stay in touch with the customer at every touch point in the customer journey.
  • Access a unified dashboard for tickets raised across all platforms.
  • Centralise interactions and conversations from every channel possible - Social Media Comment(s), Email, Call and DMs.
  • Avail 1000+ core integrations of systems such as ERP, Shopify, WooCommerce, Unicommerce and Magento with D2C CRM.
  • Utilize Kapture's latest integration with the Instagram DM and resolve complaints on the go.
  • Enable integration with logistics partners which permits agents to see the product status (in transit/delivered) on Kapture itself.

Valuable Feedback Loop

  • In a world where everything is customer centric, learn from productive customer feedback through customizable feedback forms.
  • Evaluate feedback through the NPS (net promoter score) feedback mechanism that is inbuilt with D2C CRM. A good response to - “How likely are you to recommend this product/service to others?”- can measure the loyalty of your customers and can also predict business growth, thereby attracting new leads.


  • 50 or 5 users - we are a CRM structure for any business type, size, users and requirement. Add to that, the bandwidth to scale with your business as per your business needs. How amazing is that!
  • With customisation, we can help garner better business results for you and reduce the possible complexities.
  • Improve agent utilization with the help of our D2C CRM tools and have fewer people get more work done while reducing manpower costs.

Delightful Support

  • Use D2C CRM to manage interactions with existing and prospective customers to maximise your business capabilities.
  • Both agents and customers are a happy lot with brands using Kapture. They have observed a 15% increase in Agent Productivity and a significant CSAT score surge of 20%.
  • Pursue real-time, personalised and engaging conversations with your customers with entirely empowered live chat platforms - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others so you generate a better CX, at a lower cost.
  • Make the most of the most optimal feature for both parties - the Self-serve portal. It guides customers to resolve issues on their own without agent intervention, and provides the best possible outcome for every query.
  • Understand pivotal business insights and optimize key metrics like Churn Rate, Retention Rate, Cross-sells and Upsells with the all new dashboard/User Interface.

Accountability Is A Big Deal For Us And We Make Sure You Are Never Stuck!

  • We provide assistance round the clock with a 24/7 Support Team.
  • A dedicated Implementation Manager is at your service to ensure a smooth implementation process.
  • And a dedicated Account Manager post implementation is always around to make sure every customer's needs are met effectively.