Digital Transformation Journey with Kapture

A customer-centric personal care brand, WOW Skin Science curates the best of natural ingredients in its products. Their products are free from sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, parabens, and artificial colours. The ingredients used are inspired by nature & dermatologically tested for your safety. Their net worth asof 2022 is ₹400 Crore.

wow skin science


Reduced repeat calls


Service Levels above

5-7 mins

Average response rate

Situation Overview

As a skincare brand with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, effective customer interaction is vital to comprehend their needs. For Beauty & Skincare brands, ensuring product authenticity and addressing inquiries about product details and ingredients is crucial. Before adopting Kapture, Wow Skin Science identified this as a significant challenge in delivering a delightful customer experience, emphasizing the need for a solution to overcome these bottlenecks.


What brought Wow Skin to Kapture was the need for a delightful CX Tool to measure the customer service experience and streamline the processes.

  • Unable to analyse customer interactions
  • Could not measure rate of response
  • Unmapped performance hindering profitability
  • Creating delightful experiences was a challenge


In pursuit of enhancing customer engagement, Wow Skin Care embraced a thoughtfully crafted platform tailored for effortless communication, fostering ownership, and facilitating the smooth execution of change requests. Leveraging Kapture CX’s proficiency in addressing domain-specific challenges, the platform provided a comprehensive solution to optimize delivery processes and cultivate peer-to-peer relationships for Wow Skin Care.

Customer 360 degrees

Customer 360 enabled the agents to tackle the customer “issues” by providing end to end information about the customer interactions.

Reports & Analytics

Data Analytics around customers helped the enterprise to create Segmentation strategies and manage the marketing medium strategies to enhance their orders.

Benefits Delivered

Wow Skin witnessed significant improvements with Kapture CX:

  • Integrated all customer interaction into one bucket
  • One view of customer with Customer 360
  • Streamlined the entire system under one roof!

About Kapture CX

Kapture CX is an innovative AI-driven B2B omnichannel customer support automation platform, dedicated to adapting to evolving customer expectations. Serving over 1000 businesses in 16 countries across various industries, including Retail, BFSI, Travel, and Consumer Durables, Kapture CX transforms good customer experiences into exceptional ones. This platform provides a single, intelligent, and contextual space for businesses to gain deeper insights, redefining the customer support landscape.