The White Teak witnesses a 17.1% reduction in AHT, thanks to Kapture CX.

Established in 2016, The White Teak Company is India’s Largest Online Luxury Lighting and Decor Brand. The White Teak Company offers furnishing products like designer lamps, hanging lights, and wooden decor. With a core focus on customer service, they operate 14 flagship stores and 18 express locations in India. They were acquired by Asian Paints on 1st April 2022.


Reducing Turnaround Time


Average handling time


First-time resolution increased within 3 month

Situation Overview

At the heart of The White Teak Company’s mission is a deep commitment to prioritizing its customers. On their odyssey of gearing every action toward delivering exceptional customer service, they tussled with the consolidation of customer data, which was fragmented across spreadsheets. Providing personalized customer experience and robust privacy for their customers’ data without a proper mechanism in place posed other major challenges.

Kapture helps us understand our customers and is highly recommended for any business where customer service is involved. Kapture CX is indeed a great blessing for us.

Rahul Bhattacharya,


Impersonal and generic customer experience

For TWT, customer data gathered in-store holds paramount importance. In pursuit of their goal to provide personalized customer experiences, engaging in-store customers presented a significant challenge for them.

Standardized Workflows

The white teak required a customized solution to meet their unique enterprise needs rather than adopting a generic approach.

Insecure Data Practices

Without a proper customer experience platform in place, customer data was widely dispersed and susceptible to malicious data attacks. TWT required a solution to streamline and safeguard the data from potential compromises.


Delivering a tailored experience to its in-store clientele has consistently been a pivotal component of its comprehensive CX strategy. TWT sought a solution that could enable them to send out customized notifications to their customers at every stage of their journey, to provide a sense of personalization,  a requirement fulfilled by Kapture CX. Wrestling with the challenge of capturing and visualizing critical data points, TWT found a solution in Kapture CX that not only facilitated a more cohesive data consolidation but also enabled thorough analysis through comprehensive reports, aiding in informed, data-driven decisions. To address concerns about customer data privacy, TWT proactively pursued a platform that ensured the highest level of security to protect and fortify their valuable customer data.

Tailored Communication and Personalized CX

By customizing the platform according to their specific use case, Kapture CX empowered them to send personalized notifications to their in-store customers at various journey stages.

Robust Data Consolidation

Using Kapture CX enabled TWT to move beyond reliance on Excel sheets for visualizing data, providing a more transparent understanding of metrics. 

Impregnable Data Security

TWT discovered an ideal collaborator in Kapture CX, given that Kapture CX holds ISO 27001 certification and adheres to HIPAA and GDPR standards, capable of fortifying their customer data efficiently.

Benefits Delivered

With the deployment of Kapture CX, The White Teak saw a substantial impact on their important CX metrics:

  • The most substantial impact was observed on the Turnaround time. With access to the right information at the right time, agents are now able to resolve queries faster, reducing it by 18.2%.
  • The average handling time was significantly reduced by 17.1%. With Kapture CX’s AI-driven omnichannel customer support automation platform, a substantial portion of tasks could be automated. This enabled rapid resolution of queries, empowering agents to focus on more intricate issues.
  • With the support of effective tools such as a knowledge management system and the magic of AI by the side, the rate of first-time resolution increased by 3% within three months.

About Kapture CX

Kapture CX is an Enterprise-grade SaaS-based customer experience management platform, rooted in cutting-edge technology, including Machine Learning and Generative AI. With a strong focus on the Retail, BFSI, Travel, and Consumer Durables sectors, Kapture CX is helping over 1000+ businesses across 16 countries elevate their customer experiences from average to exceptional.