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Get complete insights of your every sales activity through 500+ reporting formats and let the data work for you the way you want. Get details in the form you understand and make smart business decisions.

  • Graphical Reports
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Product Reports
  • Daily Sales Report (DSR)

Kapture’s sales report software automates sending emails / SMS daily sales reports about your daily sales achievements. You can view total calls planned vs. calls made, customer meetings set vs. actual visits, number of orders placed, sales activities in real-time etc. You can view these reports on the desktop API or mobile dashboard!

  • Target vs. Achievement reports
  • The CRM sales reporting tool collect and consolidate customer data from all relevant business touch points. The CRM sales performance report software lets you observe and compare your team’s current sales performance with the pre-set sales targets. This can include leads, meetings and revenue.

Target vs. Achievement reports
Employee vs. Lead Reports
  • Employee vs. Lead Reports
  • Easily predict multichannel sales, estimated leads, expected revenue with detailed dashboards and powerful reports. Identify the achieved targets vs expected targets and know who your sales stars. You can also customize sales forecast by area, region, and territories (based on the criteria).

  • Deal Management Reports
  • What happened to that important deal that was followed up twice? Let the detailed report analytics answer all these questions. Check deal status, closed deals vs. deals target, time spent in closing each deal, complete deal stage with multiple pipeline and much.

Deal Management Reports
Performance Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Performance analysis reports help you get great insights when it comes to business revenues. Get graphical reports in multiple formats to analyse this year vs last year revenue, quarterly or weekly analysis, measure success rates vs. underachievement and take informed business decisions based on the data.

  • Territory Reports
  • Get informative insights of your closed deals vs. targets territory wise. Know which territory is getting the most revenue, identify your star performs, find out your potential business opportunities and more with detailed analytics.

Territory Reports