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Receive, manage and make payments in a smarter way

All businesses need a smart and efficient way to collect and dispense payments on a daily basis. Otherwise, you may end-up spending most of your day on invoicing and transactional details. Kapture payment management software presents a better way to pay and get paid on a daily basis. Now you can start streamlining the multiple payment collections and business operations through a single platform.

With creating a smarter and comprehensive way to manage the business payments, you can start making every feasible customer sales while making sure that you get paid on time.

  • Quotation and invoice templates
  • Tailored, yet swift

    Kapture’s in-built templates help you send custom quotations and invoices based on all-around calculations. The integrated cloud database allows you to sync and retrieve order details in a single dashboard. The online payment management system enables you individual customers to generate custom quotes and invoices.

  • Quotation and invoice delivery
  • Focus less on the trivial, more on the substantial

    Start sending custom quotes the right customer through a few clicks. Also, start viewing your confirmed orders on a unified dashboard and send custom invoices to your customers through the CRM system. Meanwhile, the cloud-based customer accounts let you retrieve the relevant customer data concerning each order.

Customer and Payment History
Customer and Payment History
  • Credit limits
  • Set credit limits for smoother payments

    Set definite credit limits for your customers to ensure payment fulfillment in a smooth order-taking process. Now you can issue stocks to your regular customers based on credits upto a preset limit. Afterwards, the integrated online payment management system blocks approving any new orders due payments are made by the customer.

  • Order payment status and alerts
  • Let no payment go under the radar

    Monitor newly generated orders and their individual payment status in real-time from a central dashboard. Get timely alerts for all the pending order payments.

  • Collect and manage expense reports
  • Manage your employee payments easily

    Remove confusion and doubts on employee expense accounts through online payment processing system. The employee uploads all pending bills on the CRM system. The concerned manager can view the individual expense reports and consequently approve or reject the individual reports.

  • Customer payment history
  • Know the payment history

    Easily view your customers’ past transactions, purchase history and payment modes with detailed payment histories. Nurture your client relationships with proper customer management and facilitate on-time order payments.

Customer and Payment History