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Operations Management

Complete Stock Management, on-the-go - Record, Streamline and Manage your Stock Distribution

Increasing your product demand is critical to increasing retail sales! The operations management software lets you leverage the existing product demand to maximize product sales. Also, readily identify and replenish the existing product demands to maximize your ongoing sales.

The cloud-based business operations management software lets you access any particular user information. Meanwhile, the Kapture Mobile app makes it dead-simple to collect and update new customer orders.

Manage your Complete inventory management from a Single Platform

It’s tough to maintain a complex distribution network or penetrate into a congested marketplace. In-order to succeed, you need to have the ability to reach and sell your goods to the right customer at right time.

The Mobility-enabled inventory management system lets you streamline and manage different operational processes. Now, you can always be updated about the overall stock demand and delivery statuses.

The operations management software will give real-time updates about these specific aspects.

  • The current marketplace demands
  • Streamline orders to distributors or stock points
  • Create and Approve all Orders
  • Streamline all stocks to the right points

This allows you to create more efficient distribution protocols and increase your profit margins. You can also eliminate the risks of surplus goods or deficiency.

  • Mobile Order-Taking
  • Kapture mobile CRM app lets you physically visit to raise new orders from multiple distributors and retailers. The mobile order management software makes issuing new orders faster and straightforward. Goodbye processing times and other order miscues!

  • Instant Order Approvals
  • The cloud platform enables your sales managers to view all the generated customer quotes on their Kapture CRM API or Mobile App. You can approve or reject a new order from your smart phone with mobile CRM App. Ensure that your team never fumbles-out a potential opportunity!

  • Order and Inventory Tracking
  • Kapture’s inventory management system can easily keep track of the stock quantity and intimate the sales executive on their mobile device. This ensures that they do not create orders with quantities that exceed the available stocks. Keep track of your stock movements with the delivery notification software.

  • Coverage of Retail Stores
  • View your entire list of connected retailers and distributors on your CRM dashboard. You can plan-out your optimal route plan or make sure that every geographical area gets covered periodically. Kapture CRM ensures that you have a smooth inventory management for small businesses.

Know your customer better
Order History

Access and analyze customer order and payment history to understand their purchasing patterns. Get the end-to-end inventory tracker software!

Sync Latest Information

By syncing the cloud data across devices, your internal teams can access the latest updates about available stocks.

Team Collaboration
Instant Stock Updating

The cloud CRM dashboard always reflects the actual stock availability. You can also approve and deliver any particular stocks.

Reports made effertless
Follow Retail Performances

Track the individual performances for each retail outlet. Identify your top performers and possible ways to increase retail demand. Start proficient retail management with operational CRM!