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Manage multiple bookings through single log in easily manage inventory levels, fare codes, taxes, and channel partners through one dashboard custom made for cruise industry .


Lead Sources

Get an overview of all your booking sources and the revenue generated by them. Optimize your key performance drivers & map your customer's booking journey.

  • Website

    Map all your leads from the website based on the advertising campaigns, offers and several other sources like website forms, chat enquiries, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Chat

    Our real-time chat feature with CRM integration will ensure that no enquiries are missed out and conversions happen quickly.

  • OTA

    Easily integrate all your online travel agents and manage rates, inventory centrally through our rich API.

  • Channel Partners

    We help you manage multiple channel partners from a single interface. Offer them custom rates, allocate inventory, revenue channelization, and do a lot more.

Rate Card & Fare Code Management

Attach custom rate cards to individual travel agents & inventory distributors

  • Automatically assign rate cards and fare codes to channel partners/travel portals.
  • Set tax rates, discount limits and payment schedules.
  • Deliver the same in desired templates with brand letter heads as per the cruise guidelines.
  • Integrate payment gateway links for one-click payments and download payment receipts.
  • Through the power of AI, manage FARES across quickly, take informed decision where to add or discount price. We use market data to analyze and help you take optimal pricing decision.
  • Enable/Disable fare codes on a dashboard, assign them across, and allow date range.

Reservation Management

Integrate your multiple sources of bookings to one inbox, stay updated with each guest conversation for a hassle-free reservation and support system.

  • Stay on the top of all queries.
  • Reduce the time taken for each employee to close cases.
  • Automatic synchronization of all booking portals.
  • Automatic synchronization of calendar.
  • Occupancy calendar.
  • Create consistent experience for your guests for better retention.

Dynamic Pricing

Enable dynamic pricing to maximize revenue optimization. Profile your guests as per their purchase history and stay-details to provide them offers. Manage your revenue based on the past data and forecast your current occupancy level


API’s and Third Party Portal Integration

Kapture’s rich ready-to-use API’s enable you to integrate with multiple cruise booking portals. This ensures quicker implementation of cruise management software for you. Manage multiple booking requests from multiple sources and serve them efficiently.