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Retaining customers is the most important goal for any subscription based business model. Quality SaaS customer support will make sure your customers receive proper care and guidance while using your product, which will eventually lead them to stick with your product.

Kapture's SaaS CRM assists customers during the pre and post sale journey with the product.


Keep track of all conversations in one place
Enable your customers to reach your support team via a variety of channels like website, email, call, chat or social media. A ticket will be generated within Kapture whenever someone contacts you from all these platforms, and support agents can take those conversations ahead from Kapture One Suite. All these conversations will be mapped to the end customer's profile.


Automate your workflow
Managing customer support tickets take a lot of time and energy. Kaptures SaaS CRM can automate your SaaS helpdesk workflow by automating ticket assignment, ticket filtering and queue management and escalations. Our automations will ensure that all your customer support SLAs are kept intact.


Track customer experience metrics
Always know whether your customers are happy with your product. Track key customer experience metrics like NPS & CSAT via instant and automated feedback system after each interaction. Track and monitor customer support metrics like FCR, TAT, AHT, retention rate, churn rate, and much more.


Manage collection of self-help content
Utilize Kapture's Knowledge Management System (KMS) to update FAQs, Help and Support information to instantly resolve customer queries. Deploy chatbots that can resolve common support issues around payments and account management.


Seamless product onboarding
Learning management system (LMS) and email platform within the Kapture One Suite can be used to assist new users to get started with your SaaS product. Craft a perfect welcome email to new users and guide them to use the product with the help of LMS.


Close the gap between support and product teams
Develop a customer first culture, by availing frequently surfaced customer concerns and suggestions to the product teams. Allow for a seamless collaboration between the support and product teams to close the gaps and deliver the best SaaS experience.


Why is customer support software necessary for the SaaS industry?

Customer happiness determines the success of your subscription based business model,
therefore it is of utmost importance that your customer support capabilities remain at par.

Efficient support practices lead to a more delighted and loyal customer base.




Conversational solutions with chatbots

Build simplified and intelligent chatbot workflows to assist customers with their questions/queries.

Kapture’s automated chatbot derives responses by examining the customer context - personal details, transaction/complaint/past tickets history.

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Our SaaS ticketing system saves agent time and helps to handle redundant queries/repetitive complaints through customised self-serve workflows.

Agents can refer to the ‘agent assistant window’ on the dashboard to self-discover right courses of action, if stuck with a customer query. Read More

Customers can be guided to seek responses to their queries through user-friendly self-serve portals and options.

Further, these customised self-serve workflows can be implemented as per your business protocol to avoid escalations thereby saving time. Read Less

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No-code implementation that's easy to customize

Kapture’s software follows a no-code implementation i.e. the development strategy is agile and the structure can be implemented in a minimal time frame to help you meet ever-changing customer needs.

The no-code approach even helps customise the solution as per your business requirements. In fact, share and transfer data amongst clouds with our data portability mechanism.

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Kapture helps you resolve queries in minimal turnaround time, predominantly through context


Seamless internal collaborations

Fix complex customer complaints by getting access to deeper data and insights. Queries that are unsolvable by all means get auto-escalated to the team leads as per the SLA. Read More

- Kapture sends you timely notifications on unanswered/unresolved tickets so that you proactively take action.

- Kapture’s Knowledge Management System (KMS) is a vast knowledge repository that backs up the agent with every bit of information and data that may be required to resolve a complaint. Read Less

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Smart automations

Tickets generated are segregated based on specific keywords and auto-allotted to the concerned department/agent only.
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- Filtering and auto-assignment help allocate the right ticket to the right person i.e. an agent receives queries as per his expertise to resolve.

- Kapture’s Rule Based Escalation Matrix auto-allocates a pending ticket to a team lead, if not resolved on time. We help automate routine tasks which reduces human touch points and additional hardwork.

- The escalation takes place when the agent’s response time to a query exceeds its specified limit. Kapture automatically sends notifications to team leads, abiding by the SLA.Read Less

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Shorter wait times and increased FCR rates

Our customer support is context based that draws references from past interactions, consumer psychology and behaviour that Read More

leads to the most appropriate real-time resolution.

- Kapture’s contextual ticketing system provides a comprehensive view of the query at hand, thereby empowering agents to provide quick and correct resolutions.

- Our integration with live chat platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger ensures deeper assistance and support to customers.

- FAQ suggestions for customers in the contact center can be set up so that appropriate resolutions can be self-fetched without agent intervention. Read Less

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Why Choose Kapture?


Deep integrations

Pursue seamless integration with essential platforms - ERP, Shopify, WooCommerce, Unicommerce, Magento & Logistics Partners and deep integrations with cloud telephony sources - Knowlarity, Ozonetel, Exotel and others.
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AI & ML driven

Learn from past decisions and historical patterns to contextually resolve queries in minimal turnaround time. Kapture's Machine Learning capabilities get to the crux of every customer query and comprehensively understand it.
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Custom dashboards

Make concrete decisions pertaining to various situations by creating custom dashboards using desired metrics and answer more questions on what can be improved upon to increase the overall CSAT scores.
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Kapture ensures strict data security

Kapture’s software is compliant with the major security standards.

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What is a cloud help desk?


A cloud help desk is a people team formed by an organisation to resolve issues and requests from the customers about their product/ service.


How long will it take to implement the SaaS helpdesk system?


With Kapture, it takes on an average 30 days to implement a SaaS help desk system.


What is SaaS help desk software best for?


It is best for assisting customer support teams to resolve customer issues and complaints, through Machine Learning capabilities.


What are the benefits of cloud based helpdesk?


Cloud based help desks come with numerous benefits. Right from a hassle-free deployment process to hosting tasks over the cloud and auto-syncing information at every instance, the cloud based helpdesk is majorly preferred by businesses today.


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