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Building life-long customer relationship require proper communication and coordination with them when they face any issue. Customers are loyal to brands that provide a solution in the very first attempt. Help desk solution software enables you to provide that level of service to your customers by streamlining and simplifying the whole resolution process for your employees..

Here is a complete guide about how help desk software can help you transform your customer service experience.


What is Help Desk Software

Helpdesk software serves as a single point of contact for customers and agents that have queries or difficulties. By handling tickets from different channels to resolution, the software enables businesses to manage customer problems and complaints. It also provides agents with a wide range of assistance and tools that encourage teamwork and quick query resolution.

Its primary functions are to assist support teams in methodically managing support requests, providing Self-service, tracking and reporting performance, and much more.

Help desk software centralizes multiple communication channels, allowing your help desk personnel to provide better and faster resolution to your consumers. A cloud-based help desk software also provides real-time information about the communications you get from consumers and the performance of your staff.

Let us see how a help desk software works and understand the ways in which it can help us streamline your customer service tasks-

  • Customers with inquiries and difficulties approach your company via email, phone, text, online, chat, and social media.
  • If relevant, the system produces a ticket for each issue and assigns a support agent for resolution based on priority, skillset, and availability.
  • Depending on the business regulations, tickets might be assigned manually or automatically.
  • While working on tickets, agents may quickly access data and permissions to resolve the problem faced by the customer.
  • The smart escalation matrix immediately assigns the ticket to the next best agent in case the ticket is not resolved in the first interaction.
  • Managers are able to manage and meet the SLAs.
  • You may use analytics to measure track and generate reports on customer satisfaction and agent performance metrics.

How can your business take full advantage of a help desk software?

Creating a wonderful experience is the key to every successful business. The help desk solution aims to systemize your customer support by automating and bringing multiple tools into a unified platform to deliver exceptional customer service. It is built for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Small enterprise

Help desk solutions can help a small business to deliver an excellent service to a large customer base with minimal human resources.


With limited resources, it may be difficult to monitor complaints from different channels simultaneously. The omnichannel dashboard can help your agents monitor and resolve tickets coming from different sources. It brings tickets generated from different channels to a unified dashboard making it easy to resolve in one go.


Customers may simply resolve general inquiry tickets on their own. A self-service portal guarantees that the clients themselves resolve the majority of frequent issues. FAQs, articles, presentations, tutorial videos, and other materials with solutions to frequent problems can be submitted to self-service portals. This saves time for your representatives, allowing them to focus on more critical and severe matters.


Using help desk software, automate day-to-day chores so your team may spend more time pushing more client requests to completion. Set up automatic assignment rules to route tickets to the appropriate agents, create Service Level Agreements to escalate issues, create notification rules to keep agents and customers up to date on the status of their issues, and write macros to perform routine tasks on any ticket you apply them to.

Large business

Identify obstructions and streamline the management processes of your customer support team with ease.

Advanced Automation

Repetitive tasks can consume the productive hours of your agents. Reduce human errors and get more things done with automated workflows. AI bot can help in reducing the long wait queue and give them solutions to most of the queries. The rapid self-serve portal empowers the customer with 24/7 customer support.

Reporting and analytics

Evaluate the success of the customer support teams with the help of quantitative operational measures such as First Contact Resolution (FCR) and average time to resolution. Tracking customer experience (CX) through measuring customer happiness and customer effort scores also gives a clear view of how your customer service is. Customer service reports help you with correct information and can help your company create stronger customer interactions, resulting in increased customer retention, improved acquisition rates, and decreased churn.

Knowledge Management System

Keep all the data required to resolve the customer issues in one central place easily accessible to all. Agents can easily go through content material like articles, FAQs, presentations, videos, etc. which leads to faster query resolution. In addition to that, an AI-powered bot can also be integrated with the Knowledge base to deliver contextual and intelligent resolutions.

What are the different types of help desk solutions available in the market?

Help desk solutions can be classified in numerous ways but let us classify them by their software type-

Cloud-based help desk - Often known as a web help desk, a cloud-based help desk is proprietary software that is hosted via a vendor's website or application. To use the tool, you must first join the website or application and pay a monthly or annual charge.

Self-hosted help desk - Self-hosted help desks are placed on your own servers. It might be something you create or something you purchase from another firm. It is proprietary software, just like cloud-based.

Open-source help desk - Open-source help desk software gives developers direct access to a program's source code, allowing them to tweak the software in any manner they see suitable. This software is often non-proprietary, which means it does not have a single proprietor.

Why do you need a help desk software?

Help desks enable business to standardize good customer care for any issue, increasing efficiency and saving time. It can also categorize and streamline issues based on their relevance.

It is used to create, manage, keep track and resolve tickets raised by your customers. It allows for efficient communication between a consumer and a service professional. It will enable your company to update and fix any problems addressed by your customers. It also helps in streamlining multiple tasks, giving them enough time to focus more on priority queries

Key Functionalities of Help Desk Software

  • Omnichannel Ticket management (chat, website, phone, email)
  • Customers should have the liberty to raise issues and complaints via channels of their own choice. It is your responsibility to monitor and resolve every complaint coming through different channels. Every Help desk ticketing system must have a unified dashboard for all complaints coming via social media, calls, emails, chat, and other channels. This eliminates the need to toggle between platforms and saves your agents time and increases productivity.
  • Quick Response
  • Quick responses benefit both customers and support agents. Quick responses in customer service are predetermined (template) solutions to the most common inquiries that support agents may rapidly access and utilize. They can be personalized according to customer’s need in order to deliver a superior customer experience.
  • Automation
  • An efficient helpdesk software decreases the amount of effort required by agents to make a customer feel heard. Support software may conduct day-to-day tasks automatically using advanced automation based on time-based and event-based triggers. You may integrate this automation into your business workflow by creating custom workflows that route tickets to the appropriate agent for the quickest response.
  • Self-service (about knowledge base customer portal )
  • Help desk solutions offer self-serve portals to the customers which enable them to resolve simple queries on their own.
  • Reporting Tracking & Analysis (create insights regarding their team’s performance and customer satisfaction)
  • Generate productive and actionable insights from your contact center operations, agent productivity reports, and key metrics like CSAT, AHT, NPS, and many detailed reports. A robust reporting engine that offers multiple reporting formats can help you understand much faster. Additionally, daily, weekly or monthly automated reports can help you get free from manually creating and downloading the reports.

Benefits of SaaS help desk solutions

A helpdesk solution that focuses more on improving the CX adds more value to your business

Quality customer interaction

Help desk software ensures that the ticket is assigned to the right agent at once. For example, an agent with expertise in handling refund queries will automatically get the queries related to refunds. The system automatically detects the query type with the help of keywords used by customers. The customers get resolutions in the first interaction itself leading to a delightful customer experience.

Team collaboration

In rare situations, agents may exchange significant back-and-forth with the customer due to lack of knowledge about certain issues. Customer care agents can speak with one another directly from their dashboard thanks to a help desk system's internal collaboration features. They can also tag members of other departments and ask for their advice.

Improved agent performance

Another significant advantage of the help desk application is that it provides a clear image of your agent's performance. The ideal help desk software can provide you with all of the information you require. It enables you to compare and evaluate the effectiveness of ticket resolution, responses, priorities, and other areas.

Automation to increase efficiency

Through automation, you can streamline operations and prevent human error. Canned responses, which are automated templates for email or chat responses, can be created. As a result, if clients discuss similar issues, there is no need to recreate the wheel. Agents may quickly respond to consumers by customizing responses based on the query.

Data security

Data security is the number one concern for every business. When you implement a cloud-based help desk solution your data is safe and secured from any kind of data breach that may occur due to unavoidable circumstances. GDPR and HIPAA-compliant help desk software ensures that your data cannot be misused and guarantees customer data protection.

Which industries can use Help Desk Software?

Help desk software helps all the industry verticals in handling and resolving customer complaints in a better and an efficient way.

  • Retail Business
  • Build an omnichannel customer service experience for your customers. Bring queries coming from social media, emails, calls, and websites to a unified system for faster and smoother service.
  • E-commerce industry
  • Integrate with leading e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and many more to build an exceptional customer experience. Agents can directly track, modify and place orders for customers on a unified platform.
  • Banking and Finance
  • Build a secured communication network between your customers and agents. A knowledge management system that ensures all the required information is stored and easily accessible via a centralized repository for a better customer experience.
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Make yourself more reachable and available for your guests to fulfill their every request. Build self-serve portals for customers, and get insightful reports like the number of rooms/tickets booked, types of query reports, etc. to deliver a better customer service experience.
  • Healthcare
  • A HIPAA-compliant help desk solution keeps the data of your patients safe and secure. It also automates tasks like centralizing patient information to smoothen the healthcare chores.
  • Consumer Durables
  • Develop a long-lasting relationship with your distributors and channel partners. Timely and personalized service delivery, on-demand support, direct communication with field agents, warranty fulfillment, and much more on a unified platform to deliver a-one customer service.
  • Education
  • Manage student queries, create a student and teacher self-service portal, and allow payroll, student systems, and administrative support teams to collaborate effortlessly.

How to start with Kapture’s SAAS Help Desk software

Significant improvement in KPIs

  • FCR | NPS | CSAT | AHT
  • Powerful tools that help in increasing overall agent productivity.
  • Fastest Implementation Cycle
  • In-house implementation team that makes your support system up and running in no time.
  • Better Automation
  • Automate your help desk operations to save agents time.
  • Contextual Resolutions
  • Correct and accurate resolutions with a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey.
  • AI | ML Driven
  • AI and ML- powered help desk solutions to enhance your agent efficiency.
  • Bleeding - edge API Infrastructure
  • Seamless integration to give your agent a single sign-on experience.

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