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What is Customer Profile Management System

Today, all businesses definitely need better tools.

Especially to understand their customers.

A customer profile management system could be the right tool to understand and manage their customer base. Well, let me explain.

At present, customers are more precarious than ever at their behavior. Most businesses struggle to attract and retain their customers on the long-term. Simultaneously, marketing messages also fail to make the right impact on the customer’s mind. If you combine both these, having to run a business becomes exponentially more expensive.

Customer Profiling is Indispensible, Here's Why?

Customer profiling tool isn’t simply yet another buzzword. It actually impacts the way that we interact with our customers. This begins with the modern customer.

As it is, customers are now more informed than ever about every business. If not, they could simply research any business online from their smartphones. It’s also unbelivably easy for customers to leave a publicaly visible negative review about any business.

Creating Accurate Customer Profiles

As discussed, the customer profile could potentially drive the business stratergy. With this in mind, the wrong customer profile could lead the business down the wrong path.

Alas, all this could have a catastrophic result. In order to avert this, every business need to create their own accurate customer profile. This customer profile should accurately reflect the ideal customers who would be happy with the concerned business.

Different Types Of Customer Profiling

Businesses can utilize customer profiling at different stages of their customer acquisition. By having these different stages, the businesses will be able to iterate their stratergies to meet the individual business requirements. Here are some of the different types of customer profiling in action.

Lead profiling

As the name indicates, you can seggregate leads into different categories. This could be done based on different parameenters. For example, you can seggregate leads based on their source of acuqisiton, conversions or even expected revene.

An accurate lead profiling system have numerous benifits. For exaample, it could inform the marketing team about the campaigns that ....

Benefits of customer Profiling In Modern Business

As mentioned, the customer profiling system can be tough to implement and maintain on the long-term. This means that the benifits should outweigh the demand for time and attention to maintain an well-mainted customer base. This could be achieved through a customer profiling system.

In this situation, the right customer profiling can help businesses better understand their overall means of customer engagement.


Most businesses keep a revolving door policy for their business. In this situation, businesses are unable to control the customer purchases or prevent them from leaving the enterprise.

In this situation, the customer profiling tool helps businesses to effectively gauge and understand the customers. In the future, this would help the business to continue selling to the right customer. By having the right understanding, the businesses can also convince the customers that they are making the right decision.

In this situation, both the customer and business could mutually benefit each other and create a win-win situation.

Product information in a jiffy

Streamline and manage all products from a unified dashboard.

Organize and centralize all your product management responsibilities on a single platform – Kapture product management software. By managing your entire products portfolio through the product management app, you can ensure that your products get introduced to your customers and receive maximum visibility.

Manage and sell your products in a simple interface

Kapture product management tools simplify the way your products are displayed and sold to your customers. The Mobility system enables you to showcase your products, collect orders and streamline delivery through a single unified platform.

  • Easy product portfolio management
  • Streamline distributor-retailer network
  • View available stocks across distribution points
  • Collect orders
  • Track product delivery
  • Assign and approve orders

Kapture CRM product management enables you to maintain an updated product portfolio across your retail network. Also, derive a product management strategy to sell your products at the every possible location.

  • Product Catalogue
  • A dynamic catalogue that’s always updated

    Create and manage a product management strategy with complete parent and child categories. Add important metadata such as descriptions, media attachments, quantities, etc. so that data is easy to understand.

Product Catalogue
Rate Cards
  • Rate Cards
  • Easier way to manage Custom Orders

    Start offering your customers custom packages based on special discounts and custom tax rates through adapting preset standard rate cards. This product management tools facilitates easier order-taking and smarter invoices.

  • Stock and SKUs
  • Easy individual product management

    Add SKUs for each of your products in the catalogue so that their data is easier to recall. The product management tool lets you successfully monitor and update the available stocks across the retail touch points. Now make it easier to provide the right product to the right consumer!

Stock and SKUs
Media Files
  • Media Files
  • Because pictures say it better

    Replace your text-only product catalogue with rich multimedia files such as images, videos, etc. Improve your chances of making larger new orders based on an easy-to-use product database.

  • Mobile View
  • Manage your orders on Mobile

    With Kapture’s cloud CRM software, remotely access rate structures, packages, deals and offers. The mobile CRM app can deliver information instantly and enhance your order-taking ability.

Mobile View
Offers and Promotions
  • Offers and Promotions
  • Create and manage promotional offers

    Instant updates for real progress Keep your agents informed about exclusive product offers, promotions and schemes in real-time. Changes in product information and pricing can be reflected in the CRM dashboard through the cloud.

What is a Customer Profiling Software and How Can It Benefit You?

Customer profiling methods enable you to reach, influence and build your customer base. It allows you to detail your customer by helping you develop the right understanding of your target audience.

Whether it’s the organic traffic or paid campaigns, reaching a specific audience segment can dramatically increase your total turnover. In order to achieve this, you need to first understand your acquired customer list. This acts as a specimen for acquiring future prospects.

By segmenting your audience via customer zones, you can create a specific segment that applies specific messages to suit particular audience profiles. It also enables you to increase the penetration among your target audience.

CRM-based Customer profiling helps you realize the shortest and most effective path to reaching and acquiring your customers. Otherwise, having to appeal to your customers may become a circumventing process that fails to realize the true potential of your business. It also enables you to reach and engage with your audience in significantly better ways.

Always know your customer

Customer Profiling

Understand and appeal to your customer preferences

Collecting and making sense of your customer data is a great business challenge. Kapture customer profiling and segmentation tool lets you collect and segregate all prospect interactions on a single platform. This enables you to understand and profile your customers. Now start appealing to your customers based on their preferred medium with the right message.

A smarter customer management system lets you engage, manage and retain your valuable customer in a better way.

Acquire data-informed customer understanding

Kapture CRM cloud-based customer profile management lets you organize and manage all your prospect interactions on a single unified system. Start managing the customer accounts with all the relevant business information such as contact details, zone etc. When combined this gives you ease of access at managing business data and a greater versatility at diverting customer interactions.

Classify and Label
  • Classify and Label
  • A better way to manage customer base

    Kapture customer profile system creates a better way to classify and segment your clients based on custom parameters such as zone and nature of business. Now you can label and grade your entire customer base. Also, distinguish your most valuable customers based on special VIP tags

  • Active and Prospective Customers
  • Segregate your efforts using effective pockets

    Segregate your customers based on their active and prospective customer statuses. Now you can create separate workflows and email sequences for each particular segment. Now enables you to achieve the best approach for each customer segment.

Active and Prospective Customers
Rate Plans
  • Rate Plans
  • Set and forget

    Add SKUs for each of your products in the catalogue so that their data is easier to recall. The product management tool lets you successfully monitor and update the available stocks across the retail touch points. Now make it easier to provide the right product to the right consumer!

  • Customer History
  • Collect insights from customer History

    The cloud profiling tool helps you record, store and access all your customer previous interactions with your business. Now you can access any particular customer information such as order history, number of quotations and invoices sent, payments received, received complaints, meeting and email history, etc.

Customer History
Multiple Contacts
Multiple Contacts

Save multiple contacts within each customer profile with important details like department and designation.


Quickly add and manage multiple branch offices and sub-offices to a customer’s profile.

Customer Documents
Customer Documents

Create and attach order contracts and agreements to the relevant customer profile.

Data Merging
Data Merging

Avoid data duplication by merging duplicate contacts into one single profile.

Automated wishes
  • Automated Wishes
  • Send personalized customer wishes

    Start sending relevant warm wishes on the special dates for your customers such as birthday, anniversary and other special occasions. By tailoring each email to appeal to your customers, you can ensure that you needn’t send anymore generic sounding emails starting with ‘belated-wishes.’

  • Set Meeting Patterns
  • Plan and set new meeting patterns

    Plan and arrange meetings with your existing customers based on their previous meetings. Now you can arrange the optimal number of meetings to procure new orders or retain existing accounts.

Set Meeting Patterns
Customer Zones
  • Customer Zones
  • Create the right customer zones

    Segment your customers based on their operating locations and lay down identifiable customer zones. This helps you create a direct and straight-forward assessment to manage your customer base.

  • Tasks and Follow-ups
  • Be on time, all the time

    Schedule tasks and customer follow-ups and easily manage them with timely reminders and alerts.

Tasks and Follow-ups

Getting to know your customer from the inside-out is the first step to creating personalised sales and marketing strategies. A customer profiling solution helps you do just that with a 360 degree view on each customer’s data, history, and preferences. With a customer profile software, you get better insight into what best appeals to your target audience and how to cater to their expectations. Apart from storing all of a customer’s past purchase history and interactions with your business, the customer profile management software has a good number of features for segregating and managing multiple customers without leaving your crm.

The customer profiling methods used to classify different types of customers based on the value they add to the business, the zone they belong to, etc., helps you automate workflows for each segment within your customer base. Kapture’s profile management system is a smart solution for being on top of customer tasks; which often get overwhelming, when not done from one dashboard; especially follow ups, and meetings. Drive your business forward with data-backed customer profiling and deliver the right message to engage your customer base better. Choose kapture’s integrated customer profiling software and retain your most important customers for life.

Fewer steps to close more orders

  • Order-Taking
  • It’s amazingly simple

    Equipped with state-of-the-art order generation tools, your sales executive can add new orders even while they are out on the field. Kapture reduces the time taken to complete a customer’s order with fewer back-and-forth between the executives and managers.

  • Workflow and Approvals
  • When problems find solutions on their own!

    Kapture can automatically assign an order to the relevant employee, letting managers easily approve each of them with a single tap. Improve data exchange between your teams so that your leads can be quickly converted into customers.

Workflow and Approvals
Order Details and Status
  • Order Details and Status
  • A status that’s always updated

    Store your order information in Kapture’s central CRM database and easily access information like customer details, rate structures, order status and follow-up dates. Send invoices and deliver the stock to the customer in minimal time.

  • Customer and Payment History
  • Orders so nice, make it happen twice

    View a customer’s entire order and payment history and retrieve the relevant data like product purchased, order quantity and payment status. Review past orders and study your customers’ purchasing patterns to make better offers.

Customer and Payment History
Delivery Notifications
  • Delivery Notifications
  • No more waiting for good news!

    Send automated notifications to your customers, sales and accounting teams about successful order deliveries. Once the customer has received the stock, your teams can begin the payment follow-up processes.

Streamline and optimize your operations pipeline

A distributor-retailer operations pipeline includes multiple touch points of business interactions and customer management. In case you combine all these, the task of managing your operations pipeline can turn into a pressing challenge. Kapture CRM operational analytics enables you to comprehensively cover and manage all the operational system in a single dashboard.

Later, this data could be turned into insightful product reports and analytics that present specific business insights. These insights can eliminate bottlenecks and optimize your business activities.

  • Distribution Channel Performance
  • Identify challenges along distribution channels

    Use the collected data from distribution channels to construct precise reports and visual analytics about the performance of your particular channels. Kapture CRM reports engine creates custom reports to accurately examine the overall performances of your distribution channels. The distribution channel management analytics also gives precise insights about eliminating bottlenecks and improving performances.

  • Retail Performance Reports
  • Monitor your ground sales performance

    Cover multiple retail touch points and obtain comprehensive reports about your performance of your multiple retail outlets in the supply chain. Kapture retail analysis helps you recognize the factors that could potentially drive strong retail performances.

  • Inventory Reports
  • Manage your stock in real-time

    Start to monitor and manage your stocks across your distribution points with a comprehensive inventory reporting system. The inventory management software lets you issue and approve new orders, planning new stock procurement etc

  • Product Report
  • Better insights for Better profits

    Directly identify your most successful products that contribute most towards your monthly sales and revenue. Continuously refine your product line by obtaining feedback from your customers and end-consumers. Now establish your plan, materials procurement and manufacturing process to enable better production.

Order Reports
  • Order Reports
  • Summarize your daily orders

    Using daily, weekly and monthly order reports, understand how many orders are being created and delivered in a custom time period. Obtain a full view of your order pipeline, and verify how effectively your orders are moving across to completion.