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A customer self-service portal is a platform that enables organizations to deliver customer help on a large scale by allowing consumers to solve their own problems rather than depending on direct engagement with a customer care representative.


Why work hard when you can work smart

An automated ticketing system is a software that streamlines and automates all the workflows to save time. It reduces repetitive tasks with the help of AI and ML and speeds up the resolution process. Automated ticket assignments, canned responses, and AI-powered chatbots aim to reduce the workload and eliminate manual errors for a seamless customer experience.

Benefits you enjoy!

An automated ticket management system brings a lot of benefits to your agents and customers.

  • Reduces operational costs
  • Improved agent productivity
  • Faster and better resolution
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Eliminates human error- More reliability
  • Personalized customer service

Dive into the magic behind Kapture’s Automated Ticketing System

Kapture is here to ease your agent’s life with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Repetitive tasks that Kapture automates and saves time are-

  • Automatic customer greetings
  • Collection of information
  • Account verification
  • Troubleshooting basic tasks
  • Automated ticket escalation
  • Auto-tagging and prioritizing tickets
  • Collecting feedbacks

It automates simple, repetitive inquiries, freeing up your team's time to focus on more complicated tasks. Provides clients with the knowledge they require to fix issues on their own since shorter response times result in happier customers.

Repetitive tasks reduced by Automated Ticketing System

Reduce the repetitive tasks to increase your agent’s productivity and save their time. Here is a list of features that are part of an automated ticketing system.

  • Knowledge Base or FAQs
  • Canned responses
  • IVR(Interactive Voice Response)
  • AI chatbot
  • Automated ticket assignment
  • Automated reporting and analysis

Kapture features that ease your agent’s tasks

Implement Kapture as your Automated Ticketing System and let it take over all your agent’s simple tasks.

  • Automated ticket filtering
  • Smart ticket assignment
  • Automated responses
  • Agent Assistance Window
  • Robust Knowledge Management System
  • Customized and automated reporting

More reasons to Choose Kapture

Simple and easy to use

We understand that not every person is a tech expert so we have kept it simple and easy for you.

Intelligent and contextual system

Provides the most accurate contextually intelligent resolutions for a seamless customer experience.

Side conversations

Start a conversation with a third party about a customer’s issue without leaving the platform.

Dedicated account managers

To take down all your queries and provide a seamless customer experience from our end.

Single Sign-on

Say no to the toggling windows as we bring all other platforms to a unified system with our powerful and seamless integrations.

Multilingual chat

An in-build language translator for your agents to communicate with the customers in their preferred language for a personalized customer experience.

Kapture- Your go to automated ticketing system


Seamless plug and play integration for smooth automated customer service.

No code low code

No technical skills are needed to customize your bot workflow by yourself.

AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing

Combination of the latest technology for best automation.

1000+ enterprise customers globally love Kapture

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1000+ enterprise customers globally love Kapture

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