Relieve Common Customer Pain Points in the Healthcare Sector With Kapture CRM

Healthcare is increasingly flourishing as an industry, especially with technological advancements and remote e-health care facilities in place. It is an industry where customer care is of utmost importance. Lack of an efficient CRM in the healthcare industry can cause numerous pain points for customers. Some of the most common pain points include lack of quality care to remote customers, the safety of customer data, lack of instant responses, etc. 

The solution to this problem is efficient healthcare CRM software. Kapture is a unique CRM software that is designed to suit every business intelligence strategy and sector. By deploying Kapture CRM you can find various ways to identify your customer pain points and improve customer experience. Before getting into details let’s see what are some of the most common pain points for healthcare consumers. 

Top Pain Points for Healthcare consumers

  • “77% wish they could text message with their physician.” (Source: Healthcare Purchasing News)
  • “69% would like the ability to do virtual visits with their physician from their mobile device.” (Source: Healthcare Purchasing News)

A survey by a virtual healthcare company Medici shows that most customers are happy with physicians and treatments but require good customer service for booking, cancellation, updates, etc. here are some of the most common customer pain points in the healthcare industry.

  • Lack of quality care for remote patients: Telemedicine has become popular with the global pandemic and most patients are benefitting from remote healthcare facilities across the world. It helps them to connect with their preferred doctors barring time zones and location from the comfort of their homes. Many health care sectors failed to provide personalized customer support to their customers and have majorly hampered their overlap productivity.
  • Struggle to protect patients’ sensitive data: One of the main pain points of healthcare businesses is the difficulty to store and access customer data. Healthcare records are either breached or employees cannot access the data to assist customers seamlessly.
  • Interacting with staff who are themselves burdened with manual work and inefficient tools leads to unhappy customer engagements.

Solving Customer Pain Points with Kapture 

What the healthcare sector needs today is intelligent CRM software with machine-learning tools and features to provide a seamless customer experience to their customers. Kapture CRM is a helpdesk system software that caters to the needs of businesses accordingly. With Kapture’s healthcare CRM software provide proper care to your customers, manage doctors, schedule appointments, and streamline your daily operation all in a centralized platform. With our healthcare CRM software:

  • Manage all Appointments: With an Omnichannel system, Kapture unifies appointments coming from various platforms (emails, chats, phone, social media) and integrates them to a single live dashboard. With our intelligent ticket management system reduce ticket backlogs and serve your customers with accurate, instant responses. 
  • Automate Daily Tasks: Save your employees time and productivity by automating tasks related to appointments and updates. All the tasks from the point a prospect fills up a form on your website to their routine check-ups visits and follow up are streamlined and automated with machine-learning tools.
  • Cloud Customer Databse: Managing patient records and accessing them is never a hassle with Kapture cloud customer database management. Never miss an update about a particular profile and share the information with the whole team. The cloud database is highly secured with a two-step verification process and limited access. From basic profile information to treatment history, diagnosis reports, results, follow-ups everything is easily available and accessible within a click. 
  • Not just patients records, healthcare sectors can also store their physician’s availability date, time, and basic contact details in the cloud platform to assist customers with accurate information without any delay. A monthly calendar lets you see all the lined up appointments for each doctor and this helps you solve your customer’s pain points effectively.
  • Auto-assign Appointments: There will be days where your inbox will be cluttered with the flow of appointments for specific doctors. The major reason for a low CSAT rate is indeed unattended tickets. With a proper CRM in the health care industry, each request is analyzed and automatically assigned to available doctors according to the pre-set preferences. With a real-time status report, it becomes easy for employees to update, cancel or add slots depending upon the availability. 


This is how you can avoid healthcare pain points in 2021. A healthcare CRM like Kapture allows you to manage and optimize your interactions as well as operations through a single cloud platform. The healthcare industry is flourishing today and with telemedicine and e-health centers the competition is becoming watertight. Deploy a CRM like Kapture and scale mark your brand’s identity in the market by reliving customer pain points.

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