How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Helpdesk Automation

Customer support is the most important aspect of any business. Customers today look for brands that can provide fast and accurate solutions to their issues.

They are always looking to get their grievances resolved in a short time frame. When your customer service does not deliver on expectations, they generally go to your competitors.

So, how exactly do you do the customer service process in a way that’s quick from the customer’s perspective and does not leave your agents burned out?

The answer to this question is — helpdesk automation.

A survey showed that 31% of global help desk respondents say that the need to repeat the same information multiple times is the most frustrating aspect of their work. 

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Helpdesk Automation

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the typical hardships of a customer support team.

Keeping your agent’s work effortless and painless can help you achieve the fast customer service your customers are looking for. Helpdesk automation is the key to keeping your agents as well as customers happy, as it automates and eliminates the boring tasks for the agents giving them time to focus on more complex queries.

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Helpdesk Automation



What is Helpdesk Automation?

Helpdesk automation is an excellent way to accelerate your ticketing process. It helps in providing faster customer query resolutions, even to the most complex queries which usually require dedicated attention from the support agent. 

Automated helpdesk also helps your teams focus more on smart work rather than manual hard work.

According to ClearTouch, “75% of organizations in India have deployed some form of self-service capabilities,”. 

Deploying a helpdesk automation system can help in different aspects resulting in faster query resolution, increased customer satisfaction and improved customer retention.

Benefits of Helpdesk Automation to Your Business

There are many benefits to employing automation on your help desk. These five benefits, however, stand out for their clarity in convincing top leadership that you need to prioritize automation on the help desk.

1. Faster response time

A customer-focused organization is more likely to experience a loyal customer base with increased customer retention. The key to customer satisfaction is being able to quickly understand an issue, identify root causes and resolve them quickly.

When it comes to online customer experience, 94% of consumers cite quick response as a key contributor to a great experience. 

An automated help desk system provides a ticket automation solution that helps you to save agents’ time as well as operational costs. It enables you to route tickets to customer support agents automatically based on any chosen criteria (language, agent availability, product knowledge, etc.). Furthermore, unresolved priority tickets can also be escalated to higher management after the defined timeline has expired. . 

Increased agents’ productivity

If you want to drive contextual conversations with your customers, you need to make sure your agents are happy. A happy agent can drive contextual conversations that increase customer satisfaction, hence a happy customer. 

When your agents have the right tools to cope with their work most efficiently and quickly, they can do their job better. 

According to Forbes stats, highly engaged teams show 21% greater productivity and profitability. 

Automation of repetitive tasks frees up your support team members to concentrate on more challenging work. This increases job satisfaction and reduces turnover costs, ultimately improving overall service levels.

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Helpdesk Automation

2. Improved customer experience

A helpdesk automation tool allows customers to interact with your brand across multiple touchpoints. With instant access to every purchase they have made, chat history, and even refunds, your customer support team can provide an improved and personalized customer experience.

A helpdesk automation system allows you to deliver quality customer service by binding multiple communication channels together for a seamless communication experience. 

This white glove customer experience not only makes you look good – it also demonstrates that you care enough to improve the experience of your customers, which in turn can give you customer loyalty and brand recognition.

3. Increased CSAT

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is a key indicator of customer happiness or satisfaction with the service or product you are providing. A good CSAT score means that the customer is completely satisfied with your service and will be more likely to promote your business to others, which will lead to greater positive word-of-mouth and loyalty in the long term.

Helpdesk automation can improve communication with customers by allowing you to keep them informed immediately. You can send out an automatic email, notify them of requests, or set up a chatbot to solve simple customer issues.

According to an industry report, customers are inclined to spend 17% more on a brand or a company that provides excellent customer service.

4. Accurate reporting

By measuring your teams’ performance manually, you may miss important details, like productivity and efficiency. An automated help desk software allows you to get more accurate data on how your team and business are performing.

Understanding how your business is currently performing will give you the information you need to plan further improvements. 

Besides letting you visualize data, it also enables you to generate detailed reports of your agents based on metrics such as average handling time, average response time, and CSAT for all the assigned tasks. 

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Helpdesk Automation



Help Desk Automation Ideas that Boost Productivity

Help desk automation can drastically improve the quality of service you provide to customers by simplifying order routing, reducing paperwork, and empowering agents with better technology.

Implementing these below-mentioned help desk automation ideas can boost your business productivity and provide world-class customer service.

1. Automated Ticket Routing

The automated helpdesk keeps all the information about tickets in one centralized location and enables your support team to provide cohesive, proactive customer care. 

The automated ticket routing feature can automatically route tickets to the correct representatives depending on the ticket source, topic, or keywords. It also categorizes and tags incoming tickets and then assigns them on a round-robin basis. 

It also enables you to create custom workflows with rules for ticket escalation, closing aged tickets, and user access. These rules ensure that high-priority tickets are handled quickly while deferred issues don’t slip through the cracks.

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Helpdesk Automation


2. Automated Communication

Your support agents can use help desk automation tools to centralize communication from every support channel (online forms, email, text, and social media platforms). 

It offers you omnichannel support that automatically captures the details of each request and injects it directly into a centralized inbox. This not only saves time but also provides a single location for all support information to be stored and easily accessed.

One of the biggest advantages of using help desk software is that it allows agents to access customer profiles, support histories, and ticket queues in a single location. It allows them to view previous requests to quickly pick up existing issues and also provides canned responses to respond to customers in an effective manner.   

3. Self-service

Implementing helpdesk automation software will help you in setting up a self-serve portal that will include accurate, readable, and engaging support content for your customers. Setting up a self-serve portal helps you significantly reduce the customer wait time. 

Self-service facilitates the information flow at your customers’ fingertips without having to go through a service representative. The benefits of a self-service portal are manifold: Visualization of data and display of content on a central screen, easy navigation by following links or other actions, and entering personal data via a self-serve form.

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Helpdesk Automation


4. Alerts and Notifications

Every customer experience is unique, and there is no better way to ensure that your company delivers the best possible service than by automating key processes. Using instant alerts and notifications to inform customers, managers, and agents about ticket updates, escalations, and closures can help you set clear expectations for your customers and keep them informed of any problems or issues. 

As long as you have accurate information about a customer’s status — e.g., whether a ticket has been escalated or closed; whether a support specialist is available; etc.— you can be more effective in responding to their needs.

5. SLA Monitoring

A typical component of managing customer support and providing quality service is ensuring that your SLAs are met. Automated SLA monitoring and reporting allow you to detect breaches before they occur, helping you stay on top of issues that arise from customer support and proactive support efforts.

It is the only reliable solution for monitoring customer satisfaction across all digital touchpoints, including email, voice response, chat support, and web application support.

With automated SLA monitoring, you can maintain compliance and detect SLA breaches.

6. Chatbot

Chatbots give your business a competitive edge in the increasingly crowded marketplace for customer service. The smart customer care bot can answer up to 70% of simple, FAQ-oriented customer questions, or direct customers to find additional information or resources on your website. 

Such chatbots come with the added benefit of reducing the number of contact centre queries received, which means customer service agents can spend more time handling complex customer issues instead of regurgitating information that could be easily automated or found in an FAQ.  

Chatbots are designed specifically with an objective in mind: enhancing the experience and the satisfaction levels of your customers while improving business outcomes.

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Helpdesk Automation


7. Feedback Requests

Feedback is one of the best ways to learn how customers feel about your services and products. Using helpdesk automation, businesses can collect feedback from customers, build stronger relationships with them, and better understand which services are helping agents do their jobs more effectively.

Customer feedback can be delivered via phone, email, or in-person interviews with stakeholders, but when you need to get accurate data that allows managers to make informed decisions, automated feedback requests are needed. Automated feedback requests provide you with an insight into agent productivity and customer satisfaction, enabling more effective business campaigns.

8. Smooth Integrations

Automated help desk software brings powerful automation to your business. Automated, seamless integration with third-party tools makes it easy to extend help desk functionality throughout your organization – helping your team get more done in less time.

The automated helpdesk system offers advanced integration with other business applications such as online payment gateways, logistic partners, ERPs, or any other API. It allows your support agents to gain access to perform all the tasks related to a ticket resolution from within the system interface.

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Helpdesk Automation


Experience Helpdesk Automation with Kapture

Helpdesk automation is seen as performing a pivotal role in helping businesses manage their crisis and anticipate growth. Businesses across all major sectors and niches are anticipating the growth of automated solutions and acknowledging the need for helpdesk automation for their business.

Kapture provides you with an automated helpdesk solution with built-in automation functionalities that will do away with all your redundant tasks. 

Our user-friendly contact centre solution allows agents to respond to customer queries quickly and efficiently.

Our ticketing management system assists you to find issues and analyze them more efficiently to identify the root causes of problems that may affect your business productivity.  

Deploy agent assistance window to provide real-time recommendations to your agents, helping them to take quick actions while interacting with customers. 

Furthermore, insightful reporting enables you to consistently monitor your FRT goals. 

To know more, get in touch with our product squad at Kapture and find out how our support automation platform can transform your customer service processes.


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