Top Secrets to Gain Positive Customer Service Attitude

12 Top Secrets to Gain Positive Customer Service Attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial while dealing with customers. A customer service attitude demands a state of mind with positive understanding and patience. 

An effective customer service attitude can have a profound and lasting impact on the customer’s experience. Given that, the customer service segment is well-known for its ups and downs. 

Customer service as a role is very demanding with lots of annoyances and irritations as an everyday part of operations for the service agents. 

Customers expect a high class of service and top-notch experiences from a company every time and through every touch point. Therefore, creating such a positive experience for customers is possible only by maintaining a positive attitude toward customer service. 

Top Secrets to Gain Positive Customer Service Attitude



What is the Importance of Positive Attitude in Customer Service

The willingness to help, patience, and a positive attitude are very much important when it comes to customer service. Thus, implementing a positive attitude toward customer service is a powerful approach to achieving the goals of a business – Customer retention.  

The importance of maintaining a positive customer service attitude has a lot of importance, some of which are :

  • Improved Customer Response – One of the major benefits of a positive attitude in customer service is bringing out positivity in the customers. Keeping a positive attitude while interacting with the customers helps them in responding politely to the agents which makes the ticket resolution process a whole lot easier. 
  • Co-operative Customer – Positive customer service attitude makes customers feel that their problems are taken care of and will be resolved soon. They will willingly accept alternative solutions if the query is not resolved in the meantime.
  • Enhanced Customer Retention – If an agent portrays a positive attitude while talking to customers, they will feel like coming back to the business for repeat business. This will help in increasing their loyalty to the company, eventually increasing customer retention


Benefits of Positive Attitude in Customer Service

There is an old saying – “Customer service is an attitude, not a department.” Keeping a positive attitude toward customer service has a lot more benefits than just offering a better customer experience.

  • Maintaining a positive attitude for customer service helps in creating positive vibes in the workplace and prevents negativity from bringing the whole team down. 
  • Customer satisfaction is a prior KPI that customer support agents need to be hitting. And a positive attitude toward customer service will help them in getting the result they are looking for. 
  • Dealing with customers’ queries with a positive attitude will definitely help customer support agents in finding common ground with their customers, thereby increasing overall customer satisfaction
  • And in the long run, a positive attitude toward customer service can improve agent well-being and productivity as well as drive business growth. 

Top Secrets to Gain Positive Customer Service Attitude



Tips to Maintain a Positive Attitude in Customer Service

Customer service agents can positively influence customers in so many ways. Let’s talk about some of the factors that can help customer support agents in maintaining a positive attitude in challenging customer service situations. 

1. Timely and Responsive

The most important thing for the success of your business is to be active and responsive to a customer query. Responding to customer queries on time as well as resolving their issues in a timely manner is the most important part of customer service.

Customer service agents must thoroughly understand and address customers’ concerns in an efficient way with on-time follow-ups. 

Well-served customers become loyal customers, and loyal customers provide steady business. 

2. Kind and Understanding

Attitudes toward customer service need to be kind and understanding in order to provide worthwhile and fruitful customer service. Maintaining a positive attitude in customer service is about analyzing customer queries by putting yourself in their place. 

Transferring customer’s calls to multiple service agents can be frustrating as they have to give the same information to different agents. This situation can be avoided by deploying a ticket management system that offers a smart ticket assignment process. It will automatically assign the tickets to the right agent based on their skill sets, thereby eliminating customer’s frustration. 

It is important for customer service agents to grasp the issue in detail and resolve them quickly. This positive attitude in customer service would make customers feel important, which in turn would lead to repetitive business with the company. 

Top Secrets to Gain Positive Customer Service Attitude

3. Proactive

Proactive customer service is all about identifying and resolving customer queries before they turn into problems. This proactive approach to customer service reduces the number of tickets received by a company.

A proactive attitude toward customer service helps in increasing your brand engagement in public via social media, which puts your business in the most favorable light.

According to an industry survey, 87% of adults were found to be happy when contacted proactively by companies regarding customer service issues. – source

A proactive approach to customer service attitude provides the opportunity to meet and exceed customer expectations and strengthen customer relationships. Furthermore, it also boosts the value of your customers through both their business and advocacy efforts. 

4. Self-Awareness

Self-awareness in customer service agents is even more important as they interact with strangers, so it demands even more effort to relate to them positively.

Another benefit of this positive attitude in customer service is that it helps in identifying the gaps in customer service agents skills and knowledge base. Later on, agents can discover and work on the weak areas which need to be improved. 

Self-awareness in employees will allow them to choose roles that most closely align with their strongest abilities and most preferred interests. This in turn will affect the quality of their work – high output and stellar quality.

5. Creative Approach

There are a plethora of benefits to approaching the customer service attitude with creativity. A creative attitude toward customer service can result in serving more customers that too in less time, eventually decreasing the average handling time of customer service agents. 

To improve the creative approach, getting totally involved with each customer query is the prior thing to do for customer service agents. Full concentration for every customer query will enable agents to absorb all the information about customers and their issues, which will later provide them with the material to get creative with.

For instance, agents can try to approach similar problems with an open mind and view them from different perspectives. It may seem challenging at the beginning but to be a little creative while resolving customer issues can really help the agents in the long run.

6. Be Honest About Mistakes

Every organization, no matter how big or small makes mistakes from time to time. An organization that willingly accepts its mistakes and owns up to the consequences turns out to be a trustworthy company in the eyes of customers.

If the customer service agents made any mistake in offering a reliable service to the customer or if there is any issue related to the order, the only thing that customers want to hear is – “This was our fault”, and “We are sorry”. 

This customer service attitude makes it easy for customers to understand and forgive the mistake.

7. Use Positive Language

One of the crucial parts of keeping a positive attitude for customer service is to begin each interaction with positive language. 

Positive language refers to saying to customers what the customer service team can do for them, instead of conveying what they cannot. The use of positive language in customer service attitude is about viewing every transaction from the customer perspective and mentioning the benefits of a particular item to them. 

Using positive language every time while interacting with customers will lead to positive thoughts and attitudes, ultimately improving the customer service experience. 

Top Secrets to Gain Positive Customer Service Attitude

8. Invest in Team Bonding

Teamwork makes the dream work.

This phrase holds huge importance in the industry of customer service. A team can achieve its biggest obstacles if they share a common goal and work together to achieve it. 

Team bonding makes the workplace more communicative where team members can hold discussions to finish a particular task in a most efficient manner. Investment in team bonding helps in improving the customer service agent as well as the company’s productivity. 

Thus, it is important to invest in team bonding and encourage an environment of support, positive energy, and empathy in order to deliver a positive customer service attitude.

Top Secrets to Gain Positive Customer Service Attitude

9. Be Flexible

There must have been many such situations where customer service agents can predict the sentence that will come out of the customer’s mouth while raising a query. In such a scenario, having a degree of flexibility during interacting with customers can provide exceptional service.

Having flexibility in customer service attitude requires customer service agents to think quickly when encountering uncommon situations. One of the most usual ways to show flexibility in customer service is to offer customers flexibility in their decisions. 

Offering customers a number of options to choose from depending on the situation and interaction is one of the most useful ways to empower customers in taking ownership of their resolution.

10. Deliver More Than You Promise

The top-class customer experience is the number one factor in keeping and attracting new customers. And, when companies do not deliver their promise on time, they tend to make customers feel unimportant which reduces customer retention.

In this situation, delivering more than whatever is promised to a customer is the golden opportunity to turn an aggrieved customer into a brand advocate. Customer service teams can offer customers a freebie or coupon to show their dedication and a positive attitude toward customer service

These little efforts will make the customers feel happy and special, which will eventually lead to customer loyalty.

11. Open to Feedback

Customer feedback, be it good or bad, is equally important for any organization. This makes collecting customer feedback critical for every business.

52% of people across the world believe that companies should take necessary actions based on the feedback given by their customers. – source

The benefit of receiving customer feedback openly includes a better understanding of customers, a high customer satisfaction rate, and more referrals. Moreover, a customer-centric approach can help in generating 60% of more profit as compared to a product-centric approach. – source

12. Improve Your Knowledge

When it comes to the customer service part, having proper knowledge about the product or customer queries is essential. Strong knowledge of customer service agents plays an important role in providing customer satisfaction.

Customers respond more favorably toward agents who are assured about the products and services being offered.

Having good knowledge along with a positive customer service attitude helps in providing high-quality assistance to customers. This helps in creating a lasting impression on the customer which eventually leads to a strong customer relationship.

Digital marketing relies a lot on customer experience. Therefore, it has become necessary for businesses and their customer service teams to learn more about the customer-centric attitude toward customer service.

Top Secrets to Gain Positive Customer Service Attitude


Leverage Kapture’s Efficient Solution To Build Positive Customer Service Attitude

Maintaining a positive customer service attitude increases customer experience, and as a result, customer retention is increased thereby contributing to the growth of the business.

Businesses should invest in proper customer service training using learning management systems, and check the progress of the training programs to make sure that everyone is on the same page.


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